Sunday Funday!

The sun decided to come out for us on our walk with Wilhelmina, Avalon and Duffy today! At first we didn’t know if it was going to rain so the humoms made us wear all our rain gear.

But as soon as the sun came through the clouds, off came the jackets! Of course this meant more photo taking. Sigh….Can we ever just go out for a walk without a photoshoot???

In their defense, the humoms said they just wanted to show off all our beautiful colors and markings. Well in that case…okay FINE…but just a few! Then we’re off to play!

Mia: Are we done yet???


Hope you guys had a good weekend!


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Happy National Black Dog Day!

It’s October 1st and that means it’s National Black Dog day! What a great pet holiday to bring awareness to all the black dogs out there and help break the stereotype!

IMG_8719 (1)

Why on earth would black dogs have their own holiday you ask? Did you know that black dogs are one of the hardest dogs to find homes for? It’s true! On top of that..if you’re a black dog and a bully breed (or any breed considered “dangerous”) finding a forever home could be an impossible mission!


Reasons for potential adopters overlooking black dogs could be superstitions, negative labels or fear. Lots of humans are scared of me when they see me walking in the off leash trails or even on the street when I am on leash! They look at me like I am going to jump up and attack them (maybe with kisses!..). I don’t know why anyone would think that, I have a few black dog furiends and they’re all great!

This is my pawddy Ayra!


Arya is 3 years old and was adopted at 12 weeks from a pibble rescue group. Her mom was a breeder dog and pregnant when she was rescued from a bad situation. Arya’s humom says Arya really rescued her from heartache after losing her last pup.


Arya loves belly rubs, ChuckIt balls, her dog and cat siblings and is scared of citrus fruit BOL! She is such a sweet lover and has never met a person she didn’t love!


You can check out her Instagram page by clicking her photo below!




Another Instagram pawddy of mine is Pyper! We’ve actually met at the beach before too! Pyper is super fun and sweet and we look like we could be sisters! She lives with her two humoms and a little fursister cat!


Pyper was an urgent foster and quickly became a foster fail. She was rescued from a high kill shelter in San Bernardino.  She has helped her family overcome their fear of dogs and is the reason two of her humans’ friends have adopted bully breeds. She also welcomes and helps teach all new foster dogs. Pyper doesn’t play much like fetch or tug and doesn’t like getting dirty but in her humans’ eyes she is perfect.  She came into their lives and stole their hearts!

Click on her photo to check out her Instagram page!



Last but not least is my furiend Lucy!! She looks like my sister from another mister! We both have what’s called a reverse brindle but in certain lights we look black. I look a little more black than she does.

Just look at that adorable face!!!

Lucy has an interesting story of how she got adopted. Lucy’s humom saw a lady in the parking lot of Food City with Lucy and walked over to pet her. She found out that the Lady was on the way to the shelter to surrender her! Lucy’s humom offered to take her and promised the Lady that she would find a good home…and the rest is history! Lucy’s hudad jokes and says they got Lucy “in the peanut butter aisle at Food City, next to the jelly But they don’t carry dogs anymore” BOL!


Lucy is very loving and smart but her strongest trait is compliant. Once she understands what her humans want, she always tries to do that. Her love language is touch, and she also loves to be praised. She adores people and gets along with every dog she meets. She loves to run and play and wins over everyone she meets!

Check out her blog here!


Well, that’s all the introductions for now….I hope you enjoy–

Malou: AHEM!! I think you forgot about me??? 

Malou: Look at me! I’m black too! How come you’re not introducing me?  Just look at my beautiful black furs! Black cats like me have a hard time finding homes too! 

Mia: Oh…today is National Black DOG Day Malou. You’re a cat….

Malou: Pfft…Big deal…I can bark! WOOF!!! See??



BOL!! Okay, okay I’ll include you in this post…I’ll make you an honorary black dog today 🙂  (PeeS..National Black Cat Appreciation Day was August 17…but National Cat Day is October 29!)


I hope you all enjoyed reading about some of my furiends!  If you guys meet any black dogs today I hope you’ll stop and say hi to them! Maybe even give them a little pat on the head or an ear scratch!


Have a great week everyone!


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Sunday Funday…WITHOUT ME!!!

Furiends!! You won’t believe what happened today! My humom went to this really fun place called the “fair” where apparently you can stuff yourself silly with delicious food and where was I you might ask?? AT HOME ALONE! And top to it off…she went with Wilhemina’s humom and Wilhlemina didn’t get to come either!!!!

And then to top it all off she took pictures to show me! I mean..just look at that succulent piece of chicken! Doesn’t she know I like chicken too??


Just look at all that chicken!! Wilhelmina and I could have easily hopped the gate and feasted for days!


And then you won’t believe she ate next! A CORNDOG! WHAT THE DOG???? Cooked dog with corn? I was sick to my stomach! But she assured me it was actually a hot dog dipped in corn meal batter and DEEP FRIED!!! YUM!!!! I love hotdogs!! How come she didn’t save me a bite?? Sigh…


Then she raved about these potatoes on a stick. (also deep fried!) There’s different flavors you can sprinkle on them.


My humom said that there were so many different food stands she wanted to try but she was too full. Pfft. Amateur. I bet I could have tried them all!

For dessert she had apples dipped in caramel!!!


After all the eating they decided to walk around the fair grounds and went to see some farm animals.

I mean…sure they were cute, especially the little baby goats but why would my humom need to go see some cute animals when she has me??? This wasn’t even the worst part! You know what our humoms did next?? THEY WENT TO WATCH A DOG SHOW!!!!! WTD???? They were called “Super Dogs”.


PFFFT. I don’t see what so super about them!


Pfft…A Frizzy bee dog…I can do that with my eyes closed! Okay, maybe not but I can catch frizzy bees too!!!


And then they had two dogs race against each other. If me and Wilhelmina raced these dogs we would win every time! We’re super fast! Faster than these slow pokes!!! Sheesh!

Another act was dogs going through jumps. Child’s play! Me and Wilhelmina could EASILY clear those! I couldn’t believe our humoms were cheering on ANOTHER POODLE! How dare they???

Once the show was finally over they came to their senses and realized they had neglected us for too long and headed home. Before they left, they made one more stop to buy colored cotton balls. These cotton balls were HUGE!


Guess who got that monster bag?? If you guessed my humom you’re right!!! And she says I’M THE PIGGY???

She didn’t even share with me when she came home!


Mia: Mom, are you going to finish that whole bag yourself??? 

She also brought back some really cool toys she won playing games! She won the big one and Wilhelmina’s mom won a matching baby one!


Mia: *sniff*sniff* Oooo NEW TOYS!!!!


Mia: Wait what? What do you mean these aren’t for me??? Who are they for then???


Mia: Did you bring me ANY thing at all???

Hmmm…a SuperDog bandana and my own Super Dog Frizzy bee? Pretty cool I guess but I’m going to pretend I’m still mad and not look at the camera.


Mia: Wait, what’s that mom? You’re going to take me to low tide with Wilhelmina and Duffy tomorrow for Labour Day? Okay…I guess you’re forgiven…


Did any of you guys get lucky and go to the fair with your humans??


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Sunday Funday – Walk for Lupus

Today my humom took me to a park that I have never been before! There was a special event today called

They hold it every year and this year my humom thought it would be a good idea to bring me so I could socialize with new people and new dogs.

We went early to help set up. Since I came along we couldn’t help with the food (darn!) but we got to mark the trail for the walk!



By the time we finished marking the trail, lots of people started coming in and signing in for the walk.




One family had an ADORABLE puppy Entlebucher named Bailey! My humom couldn’t stop going over to pet him. She is planning our next furry family member to be an Entlebucher so she was so happy she ran into one today! They are not a very common breed! We rarely see them around in Vancouver.



Mia: Mom, what are we waiting for…can we start the walk yet? 

Once everyone was registered we were ready to go!



These are my humom’s parents. They come out to support the BC Lupus Society every year!

Once the walk was done, everyone got a free lunch! My humom didn’t share her hotdog or chips but she gave me all the watermelon in her fruit salad! YUM!!! I love watermelon!


So many people wanted to say hi to me and pet me. My humom was so happy to see that people weren’t scared of me and she said I was such a good girl. I was very friendly and wanted to kiss everyone on their faces!  A couple of people even asked to take a picture of me because I looked so cute in my Lupus bandana!


I even helped sell some raffle tickets!

Cooper the Goldendoodle came to visit us. He was wearing a lupus bandana too!


There were lots of other dogs there but my humom was so busy helping out she only got to take pictures of a few of them.



All this socializing got me super tired. I tried really hard to stay awake but I ended up having a nice snooze in the shade by my humom’s feet.




On the way home I was trying to convince my humom I wasn’t tired so that we could go to the park but I don’t think I was very convincing….

Mia: Mom, really! I’m…not…tired….See?? I’m sitting up! I’m ready to go to the park! 


She wasn’t convinced. But I guess she was right because I passed out as soon as we got home!


Hope you guys had a great weekend! Thanks for visiting!


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Sunday Silhouettes

My first sunset walk with my bestie Wilhelmina and Duffy! We had some fun posing for the humans!

I like this one with the airplane in the sky!



Mia: How long do we have to pose for mom?? Can we go play now?

Hope you guys had a great weekend! See you again soon!


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Selfie Sunday!

It’s the end of another week and we’re joining The Cat on my Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop! Duffy and I were trying to get a good selfie for today’s post but as you can see Wilhelmina wanted to be a part of it too! I can’t leave out my bestie now can I?


She photobombed us!

Wilhelmina, “You guys forgot about me!”


Wilhelmina, “Wait! Let me try to take one of the three of us!”

I think she might need a bit more practice!


Happy Sunday everyone! Thanks for visiting!




Selfie Sunday

Do I still have time for a Selfie Sunday post?? I’ve been having too much fun this weekend I almost forgot to post something!

One of the challenges of having a tall best friend is trying to fit in a selfie!

selfie sunday April 23


Hope everyone had a great weekend!