Sister Bonding and some Mischief…


We’re off to a lazy start this year…It’s already been over a week into the new year and this is our first post! BOL! So far the year has been off to a good start. Some good sister bonding and a little bit of mischief 😉

It’s time to play!

And we’re off!

Taking a break from all that running! I hate to admit it..but Nymeria is too fast!

What? We’re just innocently sniffing here!

Nymeria may be faster than me but I can hold my own when we wrestle!

Aaaaannnnddd….What’s Monday without a bit of mischief?? 😉



Obligatory Posed Photo

We hope everyone had a great holiday, we sure did! We’ll share some of our holiday moments with you all soon!



Mia wallpaper

Tongue Out Tuesday!

You know you’re having fun when you have gob all over your face! BOL!


I call this one “Rain Drops”


Don’t they look like raindrops falling on my head?


My humom was very relieved that the rain eventually cleaned off the gob so she didn’t have to


I call this one “The Spiderweb”


Mom, you still love me just as much with a gobby face right? 😦



Happy Tongue Out Tuesday everyone! Hope you had a great Christmas!


Mia wallpaper

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish all our friends a very Merry Christmas! We hope that you are all spending some quality time with your loved ones and stuffing your faces with delicious food and treats!


Nymeria and I are having loads of fun with our friends Wilhelmina, Avalon and Duffy as well as my Auntie Ling Ling and our Humom’s family. We can’t wait to share all the fun we had over the next few days!

I’ll leave you with a few Christmas photoshoot bloopers! Hope it makes you laugh! 🙂


Test run


Too close to the camera!


Test run #2 – Do I have to wear this? 


Test run #3 – Why do I have to be Santa Paws??


Get closer together!


Mia isn’t in the photo!


Wardrobe malfunction! I can’t see!


Arg! Nymeria! Look at the camera! 


Sigh…do you guys have to look that sad and pathetic?

Well, that’s all for now! See ya later!


Tongue Out Tuesday

Hi furiends!

It’s another installment of Tongue Out Tuesday and—

Nymeria: Hey wait for me! I want to be part of  Tongue Out Tuesday! 

Mia: Sigh….well hurry up!! Geez, why do little sisters always have to be part of EVERYTHING you do….

Nymeria: Okay, I’m coming! I’m coming! 

ANYhoo, as I was saying…it’s another installment of Tongue Out Tuesday on this cloudy day, but that doesn’t stop us from having fun!

My humom says that this is probably one of her favorite TOTs because I have a goofy derpy face and my ears are flopping everywhere. What do you think??

Have a happy Tuesday! Keep those tongues hanging out!



Hmm..Something’s going on….

Furiends! Something is going on but I can’t figure out what…

My humom has been doing a lot of cleaning around the house and putting away a bunch of stuff into the storage room.

She brought out a big rubber mat and put it in the front entrance.

There’s even a new fancy dog bed in the living room! but she said it’s not for me! Who is it for then??? What’s going on??


Mia: Wait what? What do you mean this bed isn’t for me?

Mia: Well if I sit in it and claim it as mine then it is mine. (My humom says ignore the sock in the background. She hates how I always take the socks out of the hamper and plays with them.)


She also got a really pretty dog collar in the mail. I was ready for her to put it on me but she said it wasn’t for me! WTD??? Who else would she buy pretty dog collars for??



Mia: What? This collar isn’t for me?? Don’t tell me YOU want to start wearing collars mom?? These are for dogs, not humans!


She also came home with loads of new treats and more canned salmon for more salmon cookies! I thought all those salmon cookies were for me!


Furiends, I’m getting really confused and worried!!! Am I being replaced??

I hope I can get some answers soon! I’ll keep you guys updated!!!


Mia wallpaper


Monday Blues? Just shake it off!

I’m not always a fan of Mondays. I think my humom hates them more than I do. I don’t mind it as much because I get to go to doggy daycare on Mondays! She has to go to work because “somebody has to pay for my food and daycare” watever that means! If she doesn’t have her tea or coffee in the morning she can get super grumpy.

I should just tell her to SHAKE IT OFF! It’s really quite simple…you just close your eyes…plant all 4 paws (in her case her two feet) on the ground and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! You feel so much better after!






How about you guys? How do you handle Monday Blues?


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