Sunday Funday

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a fun weekend! We’re back at low tide again and boy was it a blast!

With the weather warming up a bit, the humoms want to take us out here as much as possible! There’s so much more running space out here, it seems endless!

With long legs like mine, I need to RUN RUN RUN!!!

My humom still has to watch out for Mia though, we recently found out that she’s got mild elbow and hip dysplasia so humom limits the amount of running she gets to do. That’s why you always see Mia with her ball. As long as Mia has her ball she’s happy! She’s always in her own little world when it comes to balls! BOL!

Wilhelmina also likes balls! She found one while we were out on low tide!

She likes to tease us with it to get us to chase her!


And of course, we can never forget about Duffy! He may be little but he can still run with the big girls!

The humoms failed at getting an obligatory posed photo with all of us looking at the camera. Don’t they know by now it’s an impossible mission, especially when we’re out on low tide??? Sheesh. They’re always so hopeful BOL!

Oops! We’re missing Duffy!

Now we’re missing Avalon! Where did she go??

Oh well this will have to do! Now time to play!

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Throwback Thursday – Nymeria is making progress!

Today marks exactly 6 months since Nymeria has been here and she’s made a lot of progress! She is still very weary of strangers, especially men but she loves all the humans at her daycare and she is slowly warming up to Uncle Erik and Wilhelmina’s hudad.

Back in March when my Auntie was visiting, Nymeria made a huge breakthrough with her! She let my Auntie pet her and give her treats but the biggest thing of all was…She started playing with her! My Auntie was so happy and so were we!

It was a shame that Auntie didn’t visit for very long, she was only here for a week. Nymeria warmed up to her the last day before Auntie went back to Boston.

Hopefully when Auntie comes back in the summer time Nymeria will remember back to this visit and warm up to her again!


Mia wallpaper

Friday Fun – My First Low Tide!

Hi Guys! Nymeria here! Hope everyone had a great Easter Long weekend! I sure did! I got to experience my first low tide!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! The best part was I got to experience it for the first time with my bestie Avalon and the rest of my pack!

As you know Wilhelmina and Mia have gone to low tide lots of times and boy do they always have fun! Now it was my turn!

Hurry up and throw the ball mom!

Notice Mia’s fleece is falling off? BOL! Yup that’s typical Mia for you…she doesn’t even notice it, she just keeps playing. The water is still quite cold in April so our humom wanted to make sure Mia didn’t get too cold.

Mia says that if we’re really well behaved humom will take us lots more times this summer! I promise I’ll be on my best behavior!

Have you guys ever been to low tide? Do you love it as much as we do?



New Toys and Friday Forest Fun!

Hi Friends! It’s finally Friday! How was everyone’s week?

We’re so happy that it’s FRI-YAY! That means our weekend adventures are about to start! We haven’t had the opportunity to show you all the Christmas loot we got this year (WE GOT A LOT!) but definitely our FAVORITE gifts was…

…NEW CHUCK-IT BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom, stop taking pictures and throw the ball already! Look how nicely we are sitting and patiently waiting!

Wilhelmina’s Humom bought them for me! She knows how much I love to play fetch. And because I’m such a nice sister, I shared them with Nymeria too. (I should get some extra treats for that!)

My humom was very thankful for Wilhelmina’s humom for buying me these balls because I like to chew on them. Tennis balls aren’t very safe for pups like me because we can ingest those tiny yellow fibers and it’s not good for our tummies!

I love you, little blue ball. You are my best friend (after Wilhelmina of course!)

Nymeria is a very quick study. She’s already learned that she has to sit before our humom throws the ball. (In my case she makes me lie down because sometimes I get impatient and I jump up to grab it. That is a BIG no-no…humom gets super angry when we do that). Nymeria is also figuring out that she has to bring the ball back before the next one gets thrown.  She’s not always consistent but for 2 months being here, I’d say she’s doing really well!

Here’s a video!

Do you remember in my last post I mentioned that Nymeria was really fast? In fact, sometimes TOO fast for me? Well, when it comes to chasing balls, she’s got nothing on me! Sometimes I’ll give her a chance and let her have the ball 😉

Nymeria is trying to get the ball from my mouth! But I caught it first!

We’re ready for the next throw!

Just when we thought the fun was over, our Humom took us to the forest!!!!! We thought we were going home but nope, our humom thought we could run around in the forest a bit! I was soooooooooooo so so so EXCITED!!!!!

We haven’t been able to go to the forest as often as we used to because my humom is still working on Nymeria’s recall. Since she is still a little nervous with strangers, we tend to go to off leash areas during non-peak times. Today was one of those times so Nymeria got to explore off leash on the less busier trails! She was SO HAPPY! She was really good too, she stuck close to me and Humom and when she saw other strangers walking by she would just hide behind a tree and watch them go by and then come back out.

Certain areas my humom will put her on leash because she doesn’t want Nymeria to get startled and run off deep into the forest where we can’t find her. It’s hard to find a time when the forest isn’t busy because it’s a very popular place, I mean, who wouldn’t want to take a stroll in a beautiful forest surrounded by trees, birds and water?? So any time we do go into the forest, it’s a real treat!

We had so much fun exploring together! We got super wet and muddy! It was great!

Unfortunately…the muddier the adventure, the higher change of a….BATH!!!!

Hurry! Give your best puppy dog eyes Nymeria! This is our last chance to change her mind!

Telling by how dirty our collars were…chances were slim of getting out of a bath…

In the end, it was all worth it! Boy are we pooped!!! Time to rest up for our next adventure tomorrow!!!

Good night friends! Hope you have a great weekend!

Mia wallpaper


We made our humom cry the other night…but don’t worry! They were happy tears! Actually I even surprised myself because Nymeria and I played together!

After we had a long evening walk, we had dinner and then we started wrestling! Our humom couldn’t believe it she had to capture it on video!

We played for quite a while and we made quite a mess! We were all over the couch and all over the floor! Our humom didn’t mind, she was just so happy we were playing she didn’t care.


Nymeria kept trying to get me play when I was taking a water break! This pup doesn’t slow down!

Oops! Did we make this mess???


Man I’m really tired after all that playing!

We were utterly exhausted after all that playing, it’s time for bed! Good night!



wallpaperMia and Nymeria wallpaper

Roommate Nightmare!

So Furiends…as you know…I have a new fursister. She’s only been here for a couple of weeks now but let me tell you something…She’s a TERRRRRIBBBLEEEE roommate!

First off…she totally HOGS the couch! I mean…look at that! Sheesh! She took my spot and now I can’t even nap there!




At least I still get to cuddle with MY humom. Hmph.


Secondly…SHE’S A TOTAL SLOB! Look at the messes she makes! She kicks off all the blankets, drags the kitchen cloth into the living room, pulls down all the towels…Who does she think she is??




Look what she did to the couch cushion!!!


Thirdly….She tries to steal my food and treats!!!! She’s so greedy!!! After she finishes INHALING her food, she runs over and tries to eat mine!!! (Now my humom puts her her in crate and closes the door so if she finishes early she has to wait until I finish my food.)

Anytime we get treats she always tries to eat mine OUT OF MY HUMOMS HAND!

She doesn’t even play with me. All she does is look out the window.


And THEN!….The WORST of them all….SHE TRIES TO HOG THE BED!!! Correction…MY bed!!!! I always get to sleep on the bed and now she’s trying to take over that too! I’m sorry but there’s no room for the both of us.


Mia: I’ve already relinquished the couch so I get to keep MY bed and mom’s lap. Got it??



Nymeria: Ok FIIIINNNNE….I’ll take the couch….and the dog bed….and the…

Mia: No no no! That’s it. You have the couch but I get mom’s lap…and we SHARE the dog bed. Deal???

Nymeria: Sigh…ok deal.


Sigh…I keep asking my  humom when is she leaving…or if we can trade for a different roommate but she says we have to give Nymeria more time to get settled in. So I guess she’s here to stay…for now…heehee


Mia wallpaper

Introducing our newest member!

Hi everyone! Mia’s mom here. I’m taking over the blog today to formally introduce the newest member of our family…

..please welcome…



It has been quite the journey getting her here to Canada and I don’t mean her flight!

Wilhelmina’s humom and I had been in long discussions of adding another young dog to our packs. We discussed the right breeds, the best compatibility, best age, breeder vs. shelter etc.

Then late summer I was introduced to the Galgos and Podencos of Spain by Wilhlemina’s humom. I read up about their plight and researched their breed and temperament. I couldn’t believe this was happening to them. It made me so angry and upset. I hugged Mia extra hard after reading the horror stories of their tortures.  Like Pit Bulls and other bully breeds, all they want to do is please their humans. To abuse that love and devotion for their humans’ gain sickened me to my core.  My worst fear is having Mia stolen from me one day and used as a bait dog.

Wilhelmina’s humom told me to visit and take a look at the adoptable dogs. At first I wasn’t actually looking for a galgo or podenco. I was looking to adopt locally, perhaps another bully breed mix. That was until…I saw Nymeria’s (Linda) profile.

That face! Those eyes! Those adorable ears! (I have a thing for big dog ears lol)

It was love at first sight. I knew right then and there I had to have her. She just HAD to come home to me.

During my research, I found an AMAZING blog by Margie Easter called A Journey: Adopting a Galgo. I spent an entire day at work reading her blog. Every. Single. Post. I admired her passion and dedication to saving these animals. She visited Scooby twice a year (and still does) to volunteer and bring back dogs for adoption. She herself has adopted a few galgos from Scooby. (She lives in San José)

I reached out to her via email and she offered to call me on the phone! She answered a lot of my questions and she even knew about the galgo mix pup that I was interested in! Turns out she had just returned from a recent trip to Scooby back in June! She gave me the contact for the coordinator who took care of Canadian adoptions so I was off to a good start!

The coordinator responded back to me within a few days and got Nymeria put on hold for me. When I went to the Scooby Medina website and looked up her profile, the words “hold on” gave me goosebumps! She was on hold for me!

Unfortunately after that high, things started to go down hill…fast. One week had passed and no reply…then 2 weeks…4…5…6! 6 weeks and no reply from the coordinator! I had even sent her 3 follow up emails but nothing.

I decided to contact Margie to see if she could get a hold of the coordinator for me.  Margie received no replies. Fortunately, Margie was returning to Scooby in mid September which was only a week away.

While Margie was at Scooby, we learned that Nymeria was going to be sent to Holland on a transport with a group of other galgos! Because Scooby hadn’t heard from the coordinator in a long time and Nymeria was already put on hold, they thought they should transport her to another country so that she could get adopted before the cold winter months arrived.

I can’t even to begin to describe all the feelings that were running through my body.

I was livid. Confused. Frustrated. But most of all…heartbroken.


Margie was really apologetic even though it wasn’t her fault. She asked if there was another dog on the website that I would consider adopting. No, there wasn’t. Nymeria was meant to come home with me. How could this happen?


I explained to Margie that Nymeria was my heart dog. It had to be her or no dog. She understood how I felt so she went to discuss with Fermin, the founder of Scooby to see what else we could do. In the meantime, Nymeria would no longer be on the transport to Holland!

Eventually, they found a new coordinator for me. She was located in Montreal and ran her own rescue called Extraordinary Galgos and Podencos. I resubmitted my application and waited for my homecheck. Passed! Woohoo! However, we arrived at our next speed bump. I would have to find a way to get Nymeria from Montreal to Vancouver.  I wasn’t expecting that added expense since I assumed her adoption fee was going to cover her flight.

That’s when we reached out to social media for help and the response was so wonderful! We reached our Go Fund Me goal just in time thanks to the generosity of friends and strangers!

We were still struggling to find a flight patron since I couldn’t take time off to get her myself. That’s when my good friend Sandra (Bruno’s humom) offered to fly to Montreal to bring Nymeria back. I couldn’t believe she was willing to fly to Montreal for me! On top of that…she was traveling with a 6 month old baby! She was able to visit a good friend of hers and spend a couple of days to rest so it was a win-win for everyone. 🙂


Nymeria, Sandra and baby Eileen at the Montreal airport.

She arrive late Thursday night. The first Canadian dog Nymeria met was Bruno! We could tell that meeting another dog eased her a little bit.


It’s been a bit of a rough start with Nymeria and Mia but one thing’s for sure, it didn’t take long for Nymeria to get used to couch life!

Nymeria has a forever home now because of the generosity of these wonderful people:

Sandra & Shaun Thompson

& Bruno

Margie Easter

Tania Schmitt

Lexi the Schnauzer & Friends

Three Pups and a couple of Kitties

Beverley Duong

Natasha B

Angelina L

Stefany S

Stephanie S

Kristen Copeland

Pam G- Sidewalk Shoes

Ayuchi G

Danielle F

Kent N

Melita P

Delmy S

and thanks to my friends Nick, Vicky, Sandra and Becky who signed up for my cookie decorating class, all funds went to Nymeria’s adoption!

I can’t thank everyone enough, even if you didn’t donate but shared our story to spread the word, we really really thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Yoshi (the human), Mia, Keiko and Nymeria