Hmm fresh cookies!

Hi Furiends! I don’t know what’s gotten in my mom lately, she’s been such a busy body and I guess last night she decided to make me some home made salmon cookies!

HmMmm…They smell so good! The whole apartment smells like salmon!


Mia: Are they ready for a taste test yet mom??



Waiting patiently for my treat!


And of course my humom always makes me work for it! *rolleyes*



YUM!!! That was delicious!!!



Mia: I know there’s more where that came from Mom…c’mon..hand them over!





Yes!! It worked! SO SCRUMPTIOUS!


Hey Mom, how about you give me a couple to munch on while you wash those dishes?


You ignoring me and going to the couch to watch TV just means I’m going to follow you and beg for more…


Begging pose number 1…



Begging pose number 2…




I shared some with my bestie Wilhelmina and her furbrother Duffy and they loved them too! I think Wilhelmina loves them even more than I do because a couple of times she almost bit off my humom’s fingers!


I didn’t get to eat anymore that night…apparently my humom is saving them for a newcomer….a newcomer?? Who is she referring to?? Hmmm….

Stay tuned my friends!


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The Art of Begging

My humom always likes to munch on delicious treats that she never shares with me! What happened to the phrase “Sharing is Caring”???

This is when I have to turn up my begging skills…(Cue the big puppy dog eyes…)

Mia: Mom…why you no sharesies your popcorn with me?? 😦


Crap…it’s not working…wait! I have to rest my head on the couch. That always gives it that “AWWW!!!” factor!

Mia: Pretty please mom??….It smells so good….


Why is it still not working??? What is going on here? Her eyes are glued to that stupid bright colored tee vee thing!


Ok…next plan…I need to get closer to her to get her attention! Yeah that’s it!

Mia: Ummm..Hi mom?…You wanna share some of that popcorn with me now? Pretty pretty please??

What the dog!….It’s still not working!

Alright…time for plan C. Wait for my opportunity to catch some fallen pieces of popcorn when my humom grabs some from the bag….

…wait for it….wait for it….


In the end, my humom gave me a few more pieces of popcorn. I mean…c’mon…how can she resist my big puppy dog eyes and this adorabull face???? Heehee…

Have a great weekend friends!


Mia wallpaper