Lazy Sunday Selfies

Boy it’s been such a busy fun filled weekend so far…it’s time for some (lazy) Sunday Selfies!

These are my tummy rub faces. Can you tell that I’m enjoying being spoiled? BOL!



Yup…that’s the spot. Ahhh….


A little to the left…there we go…



Now it’s time for a snooooze…..





Mia wallpaper

Sunday Selfies!

It’s the Terrier Squad! (Or as our humoms like to call us…TERROR Squad) I think they’re TOTALLY over reacting…We’re ANGELS!!! Right Duffy???

We need to be more synchronized with our selfie taking though…


Mia: Duffy! Are you ready? Hey! Where are you looking?? The camera is over here!


Duffy: Oops! Sorry Mia! I was looking at the treat!

Mia: Treat? What treat? I want a treat! Oops…we’re both not looking at the camera now…


Mia: C’mon Duffy! One last time let’s get this right! Are you looking??

Duffy: Yes! Yes I am! But where are you looking??

Mia: Oops…Sigh I give up…we’ll try again another time….

Do you guys have any tips on taking selfies?? Share it in the comments!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mia wallpaper

Selfie Sunday!

It’s the end of another week and we’re joining The Cat on my Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop! Duffy and I were trying to get a good selfie for today’s post but as you can see Wilhelmina wanted to be a part of it too! I can’t leave out my bestie now can I?


She photobombed us!

Wilhelmina, “You guys forgot about me!”


Wilhelmina, “Wait! Let me try to take one of the three of us!”

I think she might need a bit more practice!


Happy Sunday everyone! Thanks for visiting!




Selfie Sunday

Do I still have time for a Selfie Sunday post?? I’ve been having too much fun this weekend I almost forgot to post something!

One of the challenges of having a tall best friend is trying to fit in a selfie!

selfie sunday April 23


Hope everyone had a great weekend!