Día Del Galgo – World Galgo Day

Hi Everyone! Nymeria here.

I’m taking over the blog today to talk about a very special day today. It’s Día Del Galgo or World Galgo Day! Though Galgos (and Podencos) need help all year round, February 1 was chosen as the day to unite people to help bring awareness to our plight. This is the official website if you would like more information: www.diadelgalgo.com

The galgo is an ancient breed, originally brought to Spain by noblepersons and was held in high esteem.  After years and years of theft and breeding by the lower class, the galgo became viewed as a “trash dog” and only owned by the lower classes. The galgo was bred for hunting (hare) and coursing. They spend their lives in damp, tiny dirty holes or windowless shacks until they are needed to hunt. They are typically fed only water and bread, it is believed that they hunt better when starving. They are deprived of any human affection because it is believed to harm their hunting abilities. Unfortunately, once the hunting season is over, the Galgueros (galgo handlers) deem the galgos worthless or too costly to maintain. It is cheaper for them to buy new dogs than to feed the old ones.  Many are killed in a variety of inhuman ways. The “lucky ones” are dumped at the shelter while others are shot, poisoned, drowned, hanged or even burned to death.

It’s been an ongoing fight to stop the hunting in Spain and unfortunately thousands of Galgos and Podencos are still being killed, tortured and abandoned every year. The number is estimated to be 150,000.

Rescues like Scooby Medina, Galgo Del Sol, Ibizan Hound Rescue, Galgos en Familia and many others are filling up with thousands of puppies, adults and seniors, all trying to find them forever homes. They are always in need of donations and foster homes.

My fellow galga Avalon and myself have been fortunate enough to find loving homes here in Canada. Avalon was rescued by the lovely people of Ibizan Hound Rescue.

Isn’t she the cutest puppy you have ever seen?? Just look at that sweet face! You never know it just by looking at her but she’s a very mischievous little girl!

I was rescued by Scooby Medina.

I was found with a male black Galgo named Timon. They’re not sure if he was my dad but we were very attached to one another. We both had very bad skin when we first arrived in the shelter. They gave me a tennis ball to help burn off my energy! All I wanted to do was play play play! Timon was very shy and weary of people. Eventually I was moved into another paddock with other puppies my age. Sadly he is still at the shelter. He has not been adopted yet 😦


I was a really tiny puppy! I’m definitely not that small anymore! BOL!

My humom thinks that I am a mix of a wired haired Podenco and a Galgo. I have the ears and hair of a Podenco but the brindle of a Galgo. Let’s not forget my long tail of mine! It’s measured at 22 inches!

Watching the sunset with my buddy Duffy

Watching the airplanes fly by

I couldn’t have imagined living such a great life with my new family and having such great friends!

Mia and I got off to a rocky start but we’re really bonding now!

We both share a dislike for picture taking when we are trying to nap!

We both love a good run in the forest and a post powernap in the car!

Gobby face! Following in my sister’s footsteps! You’re not having enough fun until you’ve got gob all over your face! BOL!

We’re on the lookout!

Did I mention all the toys I get to play with?? This one is my favorite…it’s actually Mia’s but I stole it!

I’ll even put up with being dressed up! Mia doesn’t look too pleased. BOL! This was for Wilhelmina’s humoms birthday!

I really hope that one day all this terrible hunting will be banned in Spain and that all my galgo and podenco friends will be all free and living in wonderful loving forever homes. We have to keep fighting the fight and help all these rescues in any way we can!

A special thank you goes out to those who helped me and my family bring me here to Vancouver, BC. I am so thankful and appreciative to have such generous, caring people and dogs in my life!


Throwback Thursday!

Hi guys! Nymeria here! Mia was nice enough to let me do a Throwback Thursday post since I haven’t done one yet!

As you know, my humom adopted me from Spain. I was already about 8 months when I was flown to Canada so she missed out on my little puppy stage. The rescue guessed that I was about 3 months when they found me so my estimated birthday is sometime in March of this year!

Look how tiny I was!

They found me with a male galgo. They suspect that he could be my father but no one knows for sure! He was very timid and shy when we came into the shelter but I was a little firecracker! When they found us, I was very friendly and greeted everyone with tail wags and back flips!

I was always ready to play! I hope my galgo friend eventually found a furever home.

Even at this early age I was already into tennis balls! Mia better watch out! She’s got competition!

Here’s a little short video they took of me!


I have such a wonderful life now and I am so thankful for my new family and friends. I hope all my Scooby friends back in Spain will find furever homes too.

I’m still getting the hang of things here in Vancouver. I’m still weary of strangers especially men but I’m sure I’ll come around someday. Just not yet. Mia and I are starting to play a little bit more together and I’ve made some wonderful new friends like my fellow galga Avalon! Isn’t she beautiful?

I will always be grateful for the wonderful people that took me in and saved me from the streets but I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life. Everyday is a new adventure! Thanks for reading! Come back soon for more updates! 🙂



Introducing our newest member!

Hi everyone! Mia’s mom here. I’m taking over the blog today to formally introduce the newest member of our family…

..please welcome…



It has been quite the journey getting her here to Canada and I don’t mean her flight!

Wilhelmina’s humom and I had been in long discussions of adding another young dog to our packs. We discussed the right breeds, the best compatibility, best age, breeder vs. shelter etc.

Then late summer I was introduced to the Galgos and Podencos of Spain by Wilhlemina’s humom. I read up about their plight and researched their breed and temperament. I couldn’t believe this was happening to them. It made me so angry and upset. I hugged Mia extra hard after reading the horror stories of their tortures.  Like Pit Bulls and other bully breeds, all they want to do is please their humans. To abuse that love and devotion for their humans’ gain sickened me to my core.  My worst fear is having Mia stolen from me one day and used as a bait dog.

Wilhelmina’s humom told me to visit www.scoobymedina.org and take a look at the adoptable dogs. At first I wasn’t actually looking for a galgo or podenco. I was looking to adopt locally, perhaps another bully breed mix. That was until…I saw Nymeria’s (Linda) profile.

That face! Those eyes! Those adorable ears! (I have a thing for big dog ears lol)

It was love at first sight. I knew right then and there I had to have her. She just HAD to come home to me.

During my research, I found an AMAZING blog by Margie Easter called A Journey: Adopting a Galgo. I spent an entire day at work reading her blog. Every. Single. Post. I admired her passion and dedication to saving these animals. She visited Scooby twice a year (and still does) to volunteer and bring back dogs for adoption. She herself has adopted a few galgos from Scooby. (She lives in San José)

I reached out to her via email and she offered to call me on the phone! She answered a lot of my questions and she even knew about the galgo mix pup that I was interested in! Turns out she had just returned from a recent trip to Scooby back in June! She gave me the contact for the coordinator who took care of Canadian adoptions so I was off to a good start!

The coordinator responded back to me within a few days and got Nymeria put on hold for me. When I went to the Scooby Medina website and looked up her profile, the words “hold on” gave me goosebumps! She was on hold for me!

Unfortunately after that high, things started to go down hill…fast. One week had passed and no reply…then 2 weeks…4…5…6! 6 weeks and no reply from the coordinator! I had even sent her 3 follow up emails but nothing.

I decided to contact Margie to see if she could get a hold of the coordinator for me.  Margie received no replies. Fortunately, Margie was returning to Scooby in mid September which was only a week away.

While Margie was at Scooby, we learned that Nymeria was going to be sent to Holland on a transport with a group of other galgos! Because Scooby hadn’t heard from the coordinator in a long time and Nymeria was already put on hold, they thought they should transport her to another country so that she could get adopted before the cold winter months arrived.

I can’t even to begin to describe all the feelings that were running through my body.

I was livid. Confused. Frustrated. But most of all…heartbroken.


Margie was really apologetic even though it wasn’t her fault. She asked if there was another dog on the website that I would consider adopting. No, there wasn’t. Nymeria was meant to come home with me. How could this happen?


I explained to Margie that Nymeria was my heart dog. It had to be her or no dog. She understood how I felt so she went to discuss with Fermin, the founder of Scooby to see what else we could do. In the meantime, Nymeria would no longer be on the transport to Holland!

Eventually, they found a new coordinator for me. She was located in Montreal and ran her own rescue called Extraordinary Galgos and Podencos. I resubmitted my application and waited for my homecheck. Passed! Woohoo! However, we arrived at our next speed bump. I would have to find a way to get Nymeria from Montreal to Vancouver.  I wasn’t expecting that added expense since I assumed her adoption fee was going to cover her flight.

That’s when we reached out to social media for help and the response was so wonderful! We reached our Go Fund Me goal just in time thanks to the generosity of friends and strangers!

We were still struggling to find a flight patron since I couldn’t take time off to get her myself. That’s when my good friend Sandra (Bruno’s humom) offered to fly to Montreal to bring Nymeria back. I couldn’t believe she was willing to fly to Montreal for me! On top of that…she was traveling with a 6 month old baby! She was able to visit a good friend of hers and spend a couple of days to rest so it was a win-win for everyone. 🙂


Nymeria, Sandra and baby Eileen at the Montreal airport.

She arrive late Thursday night. The first Canadian dog Nymeria met was Bruno! We could tell that meeting another dog eased her a little bit.


It’s been a bit of a rough start with Nymeria and Mia but one thing’s for sure, it didn’t take long for Nymeria to get used to couch life!

Nymeria has a forever home now because of the generosity of these wonderful people:

Sandra & Shaun Thompson

& Bruno

Margie Easter

Tania Schmitt

Lexi the Schnauzer & Friends

Three Pups and a couple of Kitties

Beverley Duong

Natasha B

Angelina L

Stefany S

Stephanie S

Kristen Copeland

Pam G- Sidewalk Shoes

Ayuchi G

Danielle F

Kent N

Melita P

Delmy S

and thanks to my friends Nick, Vicky, Sandra and Becky who signed up for my cookie decorating class, all funds went to Nymeria’s adoption!

I can’t thank everyone enough, even if you didn’t donate but shared our story to spread the word, we really really thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Yoshi (the human), Mia, Keiko and Nymeria

Linda is coming home!

Great news everyone! I am coming home!!! We were able to reach our goal and my flight has been booked! We can’t thank you enough for all your support, donations and spreading the word.


Stay tuned for an update in the next coming weeks! Love you all so much!

Licks and tail wags,


Help bring Linda home!

Furiends! I need your help! My humom is a little embarrassed to ask for help so I’m going to step up!

We didn’t want to announce the news just yet but…we are looking to add a new furry member to our family! I am going to have a new baby sister! Wait…hmmm…I don’t know if I’ve thought this through…does this mean I have to share my humom’s attention with another fur sibling??

Anyhoo, my bestie’s humom was telling her about the plight of the Galgos and Podencos in Spain. We did a little bit of research and it is horrible what these poor dogs are going through! Did you know that Galgos (also known as Spanish Greyhounds) are an ancient hunting breed that were once bred by Spanish nobles? Unfortunately today, they are  bred by Spanish hunters (Galgueros) for a very short hunting period each year and then killed, tortured and discarded and left to die.

Each year, tens and thousands of galgos and podencos are killed each year. They cost so little that it is cheaper for the Galgueros to buy new dogs for the next hunting season. During the hunting season they are kept in terrible living conditions, and fed only bread and water. The Galgueros believe that the dogs will hunt better if they are starved.

Once the hunting season is over the galgos and podencos are either abandoned, tortured and left to die or shot. If the galgo hunted well, they are “rewarded” with a quick death or dropped off at a shelter (where in the end they are euthanized). If the hunters were “shamed”, the poor animals are tortured and left to die.

There is a lot of information on the internet that you can find. The photos are too horrific so I do not want to post them here. Even the details are too horrible to describe. Just as a warning, there are some pretty graphic images out there!

On a slightly happier note…my humom went to visit the website www.scoobymedina.org. That is where she found Linda’s profile!

Isn’t she adorable?? She’s a galgo/podenco mix!

Scooby Medina is the largest rescue of Galgos and Podencos that carries more than 1000 animals, with the majority of them being dogs. They also rescue other animals like cats, pigs, horses, donkeys and many other farm animals!

Back to Linda…As soon as my humom saw her photo she knew right away she belonged to us. It was love at first sight! She inquired about her and found out that despite her being found roaming the streets with another small black galgo, she was very friendly and playful! What a perfect fit for ME!

This is a more recent photo of Linda. She has been in the shelter since June.

I can’t wait to show her all the fun things we can do together in Vancouver! She will love the forests and running around at low tide! Best of all, she gets to meet my best friend Wilhelmina! I just know we will have a blast together!

BUT!…My humom says we’ve reached a small roadblock. I have no idea what a roadblock means but I guess some kind of problem? Scooby Medina is only able to fly Linda to Montreal. That’s way on the other side of Canada! My humom says that in order for Linda to come home to us, we have to find a way to send my humom to Montreal to pick her up or to have someone in Montreal bring Linda here!

This is where we need your help!  We already have enough to fly her from Spain to Montreal, but we just need a little bit more money to fly Linda the rest of the way. Every little bit helps, even if it’s just $5!

Keiko and I would be so grateful (and Linda and my Humom!) if anyone could help us. We really believe that Linda belongs here and she deserves a loving home in Vancouver…with us!

We have set up a GoFundMe page here.

GoFundMe doesn’t offer a paypal option. If do not want to use your credit card, you can use your paypal account and send your donation to itsapibbleslife@gmail.com.

We have until the end of October to raise enough money because airlines have restrictions on when pets can fly (due to cold temperatures).

 Please feel free to share with friends and family! The sooner we reach our goal the sooner Linda can come home! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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