Happy Birthday Canada!

Today is Canada’s 150th birthday and what better way to celebrate than hanging out with my bestie Wilhelmina! (And of course my terrier pal Duffy!)



We saw a beautiful bald eagle too! My humom wanted to get closer but she didn’t want to scare it away

I was was too busy protecting my stick to look at the camera. Even tasty treats didn’t work. My humom was not impressed.


Thank you to Wilhelmina’s humom for getting us these great Canada Day bandanas! Don’t they look great on us?

We had lots of fun running around on the jetty!

I even found a tennis ball! Score!!!

Happy Birthday Canada!

Happy Canada day from Mia, Wilhelmina and Duffy! 

We were all so pooped that we passed out before we left the parking lot!

Keiko wasn’t able to come with us, car rides scare him now so we took a couple of photos on our patio.

Mia: Moooom…do we have to take more pictures?? Do I have to hold my toy in my mouth??

Keiko: I don’t wan’t to take pictures either! It’s scary up here on this chair!

Mia: Sigh…lets just do what mom wants so we can go do something else. Just look at the camera Keiko! I don’t want to hold this toy in my mouth anymore. 

Happy Canada Day from Mia and Keiko! 

Bear-Bear couldn’t come with us so I told him all about our day today.

Ummm..excuuuuse me mom??? A little privacy please??? Sheesh!

Anyways…as I was saying Bear-Bear…we saw this bald eagle and um..we…uh…zzzZzzZzzzzz….


Happy Canada Day to all our friends! Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for visiting!


Mia wallpaper

Friday Favorites – Low Tide!

It’s Fri-YAY!!! Hoooray!!!! Hope everyone had a great week! The weather is starting to warm up here in Vancouver and it’s forecast to be hot and sunny!

I can’t wait to go to the beach!


One of my favorite times to go to the beach is when its low tide!!!



Of course, I wouldn’t go without my BFF Wilhelmina! We always have so much fun splashing in the water and finding things to eat! (Much to the disgust of our humans)



Check out my Instagram video below when we went last week!

Have a great weekend friends!


The weekend is calling! Gotta go!


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New toy and more beach fun!

Over the weekend I went to the beach with my BFF and Duffy and Wilhelmina’s humom brought a new toy for us to play with!

Wilhelmina wasn’t too interested, she wanted to play with the other dogs at the beach.




I, on the other hand, LOVED the new toy! I still prefer fetching sticks or tennis balls but this toy was pretty cool.


W’s humom got some pretty good action shots of me!






I tend to be a little too obsessed with fetching things…and that maayyyyy be a bit of an understatement. My BFF Wilhelmina is more sociable than me, she likes to make new friends at the beach!


Our humoms tried to get us to take a nice picture before we headed home but it proved to be a little difficult..I mean c’mon…we don’t want to go home! The more uncooperative we are the longer we can stay out!



Okay okay fine…we’ll sit nice for a couple of photos..but that’s it! Then we go back and play!



Well that’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by!

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Selfie Sunday!

It’s the end of another week and we’re joining The Cat on my Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop! Duffy and I were trying to get a good selfie for today’s post but as you can see Wilhelmina wanted to be a part of it too! I can’t leave out my bestie now can I?


She photobombed us!

Wilhelmina, “You guys forgot about me!”


Wilhelmina, “Wait! Let me try to take one of the three of us!”

I think she might need a bit more practice!


Happy Sunday everyone! Thanks for visiting!





Ugh is it Monday already?? Why do the weekends go by so quickly? I need another 5 minutes…maybe 20…I’m still recovering from the weekend!


My humom always tries to pack a lot of fun things for me on the weekends since she works during the week. As usual we always head into the trails with my bestie Wilhelmina and her furbrother Duffy! He’s a Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier Mix.

Duffy and Mia trails 1

We also met a super adorable English Bulldog puppy! I actually didn’t pay much attention to him because I was too busy chewing on a delicious stick. My humom however was so smitten over him she was taking lots of photos and videos. He name is Bubba and he’s 4 months old. I mean, I GUESS he’s pretty cute…but he’s got nothin’ on me!


This weekend was the last class for our Agility class so we had a lot of extra fun!



Mia Wilhelmina agility

Here’s a couple of videos! I apologize if the quality is low, I’m still trying to figure out all this blogging/uploading stuff! (If you’re on the computer you can change the quality to HD by clicking the settings icon on the bottom corner.)

Flying through the tire!


Wilhelmina and I jumping over the A-frame!


Running on the dog walk! Wilhelmina cheated!

By the end of the day we were so tired we were completely passed out in the car!

IMG_3547 (1)



Hope you guys have a fun filled weekend like we did! Thanks for visiting!


Happy FriYAY!

Happy Friday everyone! or as I like to call it fri-YAY!!!! I get excited when it’s Friday because it means the weekend is here and my humom is going to take me somewhere exciting with my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Oh wait…you don’t know who my BFF is? Well then I guess today’s post will be about her and how we met and became best friends!


This is Wilhelmina, the Standard Poodle! Her full name is Contessa Wilhelmina Starlyn Raspberry Rose. Quite a mouthful isn’t it!


We met when we were about 5 months old. Every once in a while we would run into her and Daddyman in the neighborhood and we connected instantly! We would play right on the spot but we never got to play for very long since my humom had some place to go or Daddyman and Wilhelmina were on their way out.

Then one day, me and my humom walked by Wilhelmina’s house when her humom was gardening outside. Wilhelmina’s humom was surprised to hear that we had already met Wilhelmina before! We were on our way to the trails and Wilhelmina’s humom wanted to join so she quickly put away her gardening things and came along! That was the beginning of a great friendship between the four of us!

Since our birthdays are only 2 weeks apart we had a combined first birthday! We will definitely have more combined birthday parties in the future!


We even had matching howl-o-ween costumes!


We get to run in the forest almost everyday together! I love my best friend so much, we always have so much fun together. Our humoms don’t know what they would do if we didn’t have each other!


Do you have a best friend in the whole wide world? Share it in the comments!

If you want to see more of my best friend and her family, go check out her blog at:

Critters in the Cottage

Thanks for visiting! Come again soon!