Wordy Wednesday with Bruno!

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I met up with Bruno again for another fun trail run! It took less time to warm up to him this time and in the end I even tried to get him to play with me!

You can check out the video below!

I think maybe I was a little too fast…and I have really good ninja hiding skills so he couldn’t see me behind the bushes.

I can’t wait to run with him again!

Happy Wednesday Furiends!

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Tongue Out Tuesday with Mr. Eagle!

It’s another Tongue Out Tuesday with my bestie Wilhelmina! We also have a surprise guest this week!…Mr. Eagle!

Mia: Hey Wilhelmina, is that an eagle over there?

Wilhelmina: Yeah I think so! He looks delicious. I’m hungry from our long run on the jetty. Ask if he wants to play…get him closer to us so we can pounce!


Mia: Hey Mister Eagle! Hello?? Hey you! Wanna come play??


Mister Eagle ignored us….He was more interested in the scenery. My humom says it was for the better because she thinks he would have kicked our butts. I guess she’s right. Better to just admire from a distance. Doesn’t he look so majestic?


Happy Tongue Out Tuesday Friends!



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Flashback Friday

My humom was going through my pawddy Bruno’s Instagram account the other day and she found some puppy videos me on it!

If you missed the post about Bruno you can check it out here!

So why would Bruno have puppy videos of me on his Instagram?? (I mean who wouldn’t right?.. BOL!) Way back when I was a tiny puppy, my humom needed someone to watch me for the day because the fire department needed to test the fire alarms in our building. Bruno’s humom graciously offered her home for the day and even set up a special space just for me!


When Wilhelmina’s humom first met me, she nicknamed me her little bunny…ever wonder why?…

..This is me running or “bouncing” in slow motion with my big floppy ears like a little bunny!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend!



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Happy Labour Day!

As promised our humoms took us to low tide today! As you can see, Wilhelmina was really excited, she was ready to go!




Wilhelmina: Alright Mia, the beach is ours for the taking, what should we do first?


We started with a bit of wrestling, even Duffy wanted to get in on it!


And then the chase was on!


Weeee!!!! This is our happy place!


Then we played with some doggies, doing more splashing!

Of course, a day with the humoms means there is some mandatory posing for the camera…*rolleyes*



What’s a day at the beach without chasing some birds?


Some synchronized running!

We finished off with some wrestling in the sand!



Just when we thought the day was over….WE WERE TAKEN TO THE STORE TO GET BATHS!!!!!



I think Duffy was the only one that actually enjoyed it!


I guess it was still worth it, we had a pretty fantastic time at the beach today. Hope you guys all had a great long weekend! Stay cool my furiends!

Duffy: I am Duffy! HEAR ME ROAR! 


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Sunday Funday…WITHOUT ME!!!

Furiends!! You won’t believe what happened today! My humom went to this really fun place called the “fair” where apparently you can stuff yourself silly with delicious food and where was I you might ask?? AT HOME ALONE! And top to it off…she went with Wilhemina’s humom and Wilhlemina didn’t get to come either!!!!

And then to top it all off she took pictures to show me! I mean..just look at that succulent piece of chicken! Doesn’t she know I like chicken too??


Just look at all that chicken!! Wilhelmina and I could have easily hopped the gate and feasted for days!


And then you won’t believe she ate next! A CORNDOG! WHAT THE DOG???? Cooked dog with corn? I was sick to my stomach! But she assured me it was actually a hot dog dipped in corn meal batter and DEEP FRIED!!! YUM!!!! I love hotdogs!! How come she didn’t save me a bite?? Sigh…


Then she raved about these potatoes on a stick. (also deep fried!) There’s different flavors you can sprinkle on them.


My humom said that there were so many different food stands she wanted to try but she was too full. Pfft. Amateur. I bet I could have tried them all!

For dessert she had apples dipped in caramel!!!


After all the eating they decided to walk around the fair grounds and went to see some farm animals.

I mean…sure they were cute, especially the little baby goats but why would my humom need to go see some cute animals when she has me??? This wasn’t even the worst part! You know what our humoms did next?? THEY WENT TO WATCH A DOG SHOW!!!!! WTD???? They were called “Super Dogs”.


PFFFT. I don’t see what so super about them!


Pfft…A Frizzy bee dog…I can do that with my eyes closed! Okay, maybe not but I can catch frizzy bees too!!!


And then they had two dogs race against each other. If me and Wilhelmina raced these dogs we would win every time! We’re super fast! Faster than these slow pokes!!! Sheesh!

Another act was dogs going through jumps. Child’s play! Me and Wilhelmina could EASILY clear those! I couldn’t believe our humoms were cheering on ANOTHER POODLE! How dare they???

Once the show was finally over they came to their senses and realized they had neglected us for too long and headed home. Before they left, they made one more stop to buy colored cotton balls. These cotton balls were HUGE!


Guess who got that monster bag?? If you guessed my humom you’re right!!! And she says I’M THE PIGGY???

She didn’t even share with me when she came home!


Mia: Mom, are you going to finish that whole bag yourself??? 

She also brought back some really cool toys she won playing games! She won the big one and Wilhelmina’s mom won a matching baby one!


Mia: *sniff*sniff* Oooo NEW TOYS!!!!


Mia: Wait what? What do you mean these aren’t for me??? Who are they for then???


Mia: Did you bring me ANY thing at all???

Hmmm…a SuperDog bandana and my own Super Dog Frizzy bee? Pretty cool I guess but I’m going to pretend I’m still mad and not look at the camera.


Mia: Wait, what’s that mom? You’re going to take me to low tide with Wilhelmina and Duffy tomorrow for Labour Day? Okay…I guess you’re forgiven…


Did any of you guys get lucky and go to the fair with your humans??


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Wordy Wednesday

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Mia: Mom? 


Mia: I have to tell you something….


Mia: You’re mine. You belong to me and no one else. Well…except for Keiko. I’ll share you with Keiko. 


Have you claimed your humans as yours too? Are you good with sharing them with other humans and animals?

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Monday Mischief with Molly

Hello friends! Hope you guys had a good weekend! I can’t believe it’s already Monday! Blah! But at least I got meet up with my buddy Molly again!


We were up to our usual antics but this time I was a bit more mischievous and my humom was not pleased.

So…There’s a part of the field where there is a line of planters with some DELICIOUS greens. Usually Molly and I like to munch on them, it’s like a yummy salad bar just waiting for us to gorge on! I also like to play hide and seek with Molly as well.

Can you see me?? I’m hidden pretty well 😉

Molly: Hey Mia! Where did you go? I can’t see you!


Molly: There you are! Are you going to come out??

Yup…there I was…deep in the dirt. I dug a little trench to lay in. My humom was SO MAD. She kept yelling “That’s it! You’re getting a big soapy bath tonight!!!” (Was it worth it?…That’s still up for debate)

In my defense…it gets pretty hot playing with Molly! I work up a pretty big sweat! Wait…do dogs even sweat?…Well you know what I mean…

Molly: C’mon Mia! Let’s go play!

Mia: Nah…I’m going to chill here for a bit…

Molly: Aww…okay fine…I guess I’ll just sniff for some green stuff in here…

Heehee…Now to sneak out and get a head start!

Molly: Hey no fair! Wait up!

We got back to our regular scheduled wrestling…

….but I managed to get Molly’s rainbow collar off! Ooopsie! Molly’s hudad was very impressed. He said that had never happened before!

I guess that’s just one of my many hidden talents. 😉

Molly: Hey! Where did my collar go??


Don’t worry! Molly got her collar back on! See?

Did you guys get into any mischief today??


(No collars were harmed in the making of this post)


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