Friday Fun with Auntie!

OMD! Friends! Did I tell you?? My Auntie is back!!! She is visiting for a month I am so excited!!! Her boyfriend Brian is also visiting but only for a few days so my humom suggested they come with us during low tide since Brian has never experienced it!

My humom said I could bring my ball this time since Wilhelmina didn’t come with us. I let Brian throw some balls, he was very happy. He wanted to try and bond with me after he saw how much I love my Auntie.


He was pretty good. I think I like him. He seems like a nice guy.

My Auntie still throws the best. (Shhhh…don’t tell my humom!)


We saw a bald eagle! But it was too far for us to take a picture. We saw some jellyfish though! My Auntie got stung on her foot. 😦


I wanted to lick it but my humom shoo’d me away. She said I could get hurt if I got too close and touched it.

We also saw some humans doing this weird thing on a board and a floating cloud? they somehow attached this cloud to a long boardy thing…my humom called it kitesurfing? What a weird word, I have no idea what it means.


Boy, I was so happy to see my Auntie, it was such a wonderful day at the beach with her.


Auntie wait up!




Can you tell who’s the third wheel in this photo?? BOL!


Happy Friday Friends! Have a great weekend!


Mia wallpaper

Friday Favorites: Sticks, sticks, STICKS!!!!

It’s Friday!…The beginning of the weekend where I get to do a lot of my favorite things! So I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of these favorite things every Friday!

Let’s start with…STICKS!!!! So of course one of my favorite past times is running in the forest but one of the best parts of running in the forest is…yup, you guessed it….STICKS!!! You can find all kinds of sticks, there’s even fresh ones still attached to the trees! My humom doesn’t let me get those ones though…only the ones I find on the ground.

Mia winter stick 2

Now…I’m no expert at stick finding…yet! I’m still pretty new to this world, I mean I’m only 15 months old but I think so far I’ve found some pretty good sticks.

mia stick

Mia winter stick 1

I’m still learning how to balance the big ones but I’ll get there!


Did I also mention I like retrieving them in the water?


Well that’s all for now…I’m going to go chew on this yummy stick now!


Thanks for visiting! Come back soon okay?

Mia wallpaper

Happy FriYAY!

Happy Friday everyone! or as I like to call it fri-YAY!!!! I get excited when it’s Friday because it means the weekend is here and my humom is going to take me somewhere exciting with my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Oh wait…you don’t know who my BFF is? Well then I guess today’s post will be about her and how we met and became best friends!


This is Wilhelmina, the Standard Poodle! Her full name is Contessa Wilhelmina Starlyn Raspberry Rose. Quite a mouthful isn’t it!


We met when we were about 5 months old. Every once in a while we would run into her and Daddyman in the neighborhood and we connected instantly! We would play right on the spot but we never got to play for very long since my humom had some place to go or Daddyman and Wilhelmina were on their way out.

Then one day, me and my humom walked by Wilhelmina’s house when her humom was gardening outside. Wilhelmina’s humom was surprised to hear that we had already met Wilhelmina before! We were on our way to the trails and Wilhelmina’s humom wanted to join so she quickly put away her gardening things and came along! That was the beginning of a great friendship between the four of us!

Since our birthdays are only 2 weeks apart we had a combined first birthday! We will definitely have more combined birthday parties in the future!


We even had matching howl-o-ween costumes!


We get to run in the forest almost everyday together! I love my best friend so much, we always have so much fun together. Our humoms don’t know what they would do if we didn’t have each other!


Do you have a best friend in the whole wide world? Share it in the comments!

If you want to see more of my best friend and her family, go check out her blog at:

Critters in the Cottage

Thanks for visiting! Come again soon!