Flashback Friday – Meet Molly

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to my friend Duke. This week I would like to introduce you to my pawddy Molly!

The last time we saw each other was over a year ago as well! We met through Instagram! Molly’s human messaged my humom to see if we wanted to meet and play together! He thought that maybe I would get along with Molly since Molly can be selective with who she plays with.

Molly is a special girl because she only has 3 legs! While it’s unknown to her hudad how she lost her leg, it sure doesn’t stop her from having lots of adventures! You should check out her Instagram page! She has a really exciting life and I am very happy for her. She went through 3 different homes before finding her forever home with her hudad.


I was 6 months old in this picture. My ears were still too big for my head! BOL!

Molly’s hudad was really afraid that we wouldn’t get along but we got along great! We sounded like two piggies wrestling because we both snorted a lot. They nicknamed us Piggy and Piglet.

My humom just recently contacted Molly’s hudad to see if we wanted a Piggies reunion and he said yes! I can’t wait to see Molly again! I’ll be sure to post some new pics!

Thanks for visiting, come again soon!


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