Wordy Wednesday

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Mia: Mom? 


Mia: I have to tell you something….


Mia: You’re mine. You belong to me and no one else. Well…except for Keiko. I’ll share you with Keiko. 


Have you claimed your humans as yours too? Are you good with sharing them with other humans and animals?

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Friday Forest Fun with Bruno!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Bruno!

Bruno is an American Bulldog mix and he’s about 8 years old. He didn’t have a great life as he got older. His previous family left him in a closet all day, up to almost 10 hours a day! They decided to surrender him to the SPCA and that’s where my Auntie Sandra and her husband found him and adopted him! I’m so happy they did because he has such a great life now. You should check out his adventures on his Instagram account right here!

Auntie Sandra has been friends with my humom for almost 20 years! She even took care of me once when I was a little pup! You can see my Instagram video here:

Auntie Sandra and my humom like to meet up every once in a while and go for walks (with us dogs of course!). Bruno recently got a new little human sister so once his family got settled in, we met up for another walk.


At first I was a little scared of Bruno…I guess I forgot how much bigger he is than me!

Isn’t he adorable??? Just look at that face! He may be big but he’s a loving gentle giant.

Eventually I got more comfortable with him and of course that’s when my  humom took the opportunity to get more pictures. *Rolleyes*

Bruno: Hey Mia, is that a squirrel over there??

Mia: Probably! Let’s go check it out after this silly photoshoot!


Bruno is so photogenic! And look at those puppy dog eyes! My humom always gushes over him because he has the cutest face and the softest fur!


Hey wait up Bruno!


We didn’t play together on the trails but we still enjoyed each others company.




When we were heading back to the car Bruno didn’t want to go home!


Bruno: Hey guys, where are you going?? Let’s go this way!

Sadly the walk had to come to an end but my humom reassured me that we would see Bruno again soon!

Bye Bruno! Can’t wait for our next walk!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Sunday Funday – Walk for Lupus

Today my humom took me to a park that I have never been before! There was a special event today called

They hold it every year and this year my humom thought it would be a good idea to bring me so I could socialize with new people and new dogs.

We went early to help set up. Since I came along we couldn’t help with the food (darn!) but we got to mark the trail for the walk!



By the time we finished marking the trail, lots of people started coming in and signing in for the walk.




One family had an ADORABLE puppy Entlebucher named Bailey! My humom couldn’t stop going over to pet him. She is planning our next furry family member to be an Entlebucher so she was so happy she ran into one today! They are not a very common breed! We rarely see them around in Vancouver.



Mia: Mom, what are we waiting for…can we start the walk yet? 

Once everyone was registered we were ready to go!



These are my humom’s parents. They come out to support the BC Lupus Society every year!

Once the walk was done, everyone got a free lunch! My humom didn’t share her hotdog or chips but she gave me all the watermelon in her fruit salad! YUM!!! I love watermelon!


So many people wanted to say hi to me and pet me. My humom was so happy to see that people weren’t scared of me and she said I was such a good girl. I was very friendly and wanted to kiss everyone on their faces!  A couple of people even asked to take a picture of me because I looked so cute in my Lupus bandana!


I even helped sell some raffle tickets!

Cooper the Goldendoodle came to visit us. He was wearing a lupus bandana too!


There were lots of other dogs there but my humom was so busy helping out she only got to take pictures of a few of them.



All this socializing got me super tired. I tried really hard to stay awake but I ended up having a nice snooze in the shade by my humom’s feet.




On the way home I was trying to convince my humom I wasn’t tired so that we could go to the park but I don’t think I was very convincing….

Mia: Mom, really! I’m…not…tired….See?? I’m sitting up! I’m ready to go to the park! 


She wasn’t convinced. But I guess she was right because I passed out as soon as we got home!


Hope you guys had a great weekend! Thanks for visiting!


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Wordless Wednesday – Hey Wait Up!

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Wilhelmina: Okay I’m ready for my photoshoot now! 


Mia: Hey wait up! I want to be in this photo too! 


Wilhelmina: Sigh..fine hurry up then! 


Mia: Okay, I’m coming I’m coming! 


Mia: Okay now we’re ready! Hee hee…Cheese!!! 


Happy Wednesday Furiends! Come back again soon!


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See you again soon Auntie!

We went by humom’s parents’ house last night to say good bye to my Auntie.  She played fetch and threw my frizzy bee with me!


She flew back to Boston this morning and I miss her already!

I got a little too excited afterwards and chewed up part of my frizzy bee. I couldn’t help it! It was pretty tasty though I must admit.


My humom was not impressed with the proud look on my face.

Then we played with some sticks and I took a break and chewed on some.

I didn’t want to go home but Auntie still needed to pack and go to bed. I asked my humom if I gave Auntie my Bear-Bear would she stay?

But she said no, Auntie had to go back to Boston to go back to school. She said that Auntie will be back for Christmas though! I can’t wait to see her again!


Have a safe flight Auntie! Good luck with your first year in med school! Love you!


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Friday Fun – New toy!

With Auntie visiting us right now, my humom has been spending lots of time with her and their parents. Whenever there has been low tide, my humom will also invite Auntie to come since she doesn’t get to see low tide where she lives in Boston.

She wasn’t impressed with me jumping on her though…


As if it wasn’t exciting enough that Auntie was coming with us again to the beach, my humom GOT ME A NEW TOY!!!!! I think she called it a Frizz-bee. I don’t know why it’s called that it looks nothing like a frizzy bee? Nonetheless, it was super fun!


I’m still trying to get the hang of it. I think the goal is for me to catch it while it’s still in the air. The wind makes it trickier too.

I still had lots of fun chasing it and running around in the water with it though! There were lots of dogs at the beach too that wanted to play with it! But I’m not very good at sharing toys, especially new ones so I just teased them all with it and got them to chase me.



I was having so much fun I didn’t want to go home!

When we got home my humom hoped that she could get some work done but I had other plans…hee hee



Doesn’t she know that treat toys are much more fun on humans’ laps?? Naps are way better too that way!


Happy Friday Friends! Have a great weekend!!

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Not so Wordless Wednesday

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Can you play with me please? Pretty please? PLEAAAASEEEEE????

Fine..I guess I will just have to lie here next to you looking sad and pathetic….


(As predicted my humom eventually caved and she played with me for a bit before bedtime. Heehee…she can never resist my puppy dog eyes!!)

Happy Wednesday Friends! See you again soon!

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Throwback Thursday – Meet Duke!

Happy Thursday Friends! I haven’t done a throwback in a while so I’m going to throw it back to early last spring when I was a few months old!


Do I look like a little bunny here? That’s what Wilhelmina’s humom likes to call me sometimes because I have such big ears! I was such a small puppy back then!

Way back before I met Wilhelmina, I used to play with a puppy named Duke! He’s a month younger than me. Isn’t he so handsome? His humans think he’s a mix between a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Mastiff.

He is much bigger than me but he was always very gentle when we played together.


I haven’t seen him for more than 6 months now. There was an incident where he chased after a car and he dragged down his human. She broke her leg and arm and took a while to recover. Since then, Duke hasn’t been able to be out off leash in public, he gets very nervous around dogs and strangers. It was a very traumatic incident for him.

(This photo was taken just a couple of weeks before the incident)

We visited him once at his house and we had a good time running around in his backyard. I hope he is doing okay, we miss him a lot!


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