Throwback Thursday!

Hi guys! Nymeria here! Mia was nice enough to let me do a Throwback Thursday post since I haven’t done one yet!

As you know, my humom adopted me from Spain. I was already about 8 months when I was flown to Canada so she missed out on my little puppy stage. The rescue guessed that I was about 3 months when they found me so my estimated birthday is sometime in March of this year!

Look how tiny I was!

They found me with a male galgo. They suspect that he could be my father but no one knows for sure! He was very timid and shy when we came into the shelter but I was a little firecracker! When they found us, I was very friendly and greeted everyone with tail wags and back flips!

I was always ready to play! I hope my galgo friend eventually found a furever home.

Even at this early age I was already into tennis balls! Mia better watch out! She’s got competition!

Here’s a little short video they took of me!


I have such a wonderful life now and I am so thankful for my new family and friends. I hope all my Scooby friends back in Spain will find furever homes too.

I’m still getting the hang of things here in Vancouver. I’m still weary of strangers especially men but I’m sure I’ll come around someday. Just not yet. Mia and I are starting to play a little bit more together and I’ve made some wonderful new friends like my fellow galga Avalon! Isn’t she beautiful?

I will always be grateful for the wonderful people that took me in and saved me from the streets but I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life. Everyday is a new adventure! Thanks for reading! Come back soon for more updates! 🙂



Monday Mischief

Hi Furiends! It’s Nymeria here. Mia is still sleeping so I’m taking over the blog today. Shhhhh….She likes being in the limelight so don’t tell her!

I discovered THE BEST THING TODAY! It’s this soft green wet stuff called GRASS!!!!

Have you ever heard of it before?? As soon as I smelled it I had this sudden urge to roll in it! No spot smelled the same!

Oh yeah..that’s the spot. Gotta get right in it…rub that smell right onto my back!

Whew, that was some good rolling!

Hmmm…I wonder what other smelly spots I can roll in…

Did you guys get into any mischief today?

Uh oh…I think Mia is waking up! Gotta run! See ya later!



Sleepy Saturday with Uncle Erik

I don’t think I’ve ever introduced you to my Uncle Erik. Well technically he’s not really my “uncle” (he’s not related to my humom) but I always call my humom’s friends Aunties and Uncles.

One thing I love about Uncle Erik is that he makes a great bed!!! (He is a little camera shy so I  made sure his face wasn’t in any of the photos). He’s super tall too so I can stretch out and never run out of human bed space!

Oh man, he’s just so comfy…and he pets me while I sleep…


I..cant..even finish writing..this……ZZzzZZz…..



Mia wallpaper





This is what happens when…

…I only get 1 hour of exercise..

Apparently I get annoying *hmph*

My usual exercise regime is about 1.5-2 hours of exercise everyday. That includes runs in the forest, play time with Wilhelmina and mental games with my humom at home.

Today for some reason my humom decided I was only going to get one hour in the forest and then some games at home.  I guess she had some work to do so she thought she could get away with just one hour of exercise. Guess what?? BAD MOVE MOM!!! I NEED MORE ATTENTION!


Mia: Hello?? What is more interesting on that ‘puter screen than playing with me????


Mia: Look how sad I look Mom…I want to play!


Mia: Can you fill my toy with some treats?

Mia: Yum…that was delicious! Thanks mom!


Mia: Okay how about let’s play some tug?

Just when I thought I cracked her and got her to put away her work, she went back to her ‘puter screen!

Maybe if I rest my head on her arm and look pathetic she’ll stop what she’s doing and pay attention to me.

Mia: Work? What is work? That doesn’t sound as fun as playing with me…


Hmmm…I think I have to try harder to intervene. This should do it!

Nope..she’s still working away…

…sigh fine..I give up. I guess I’ll let you get some work done…I’ll just sleep next to you and be a good little girl.


My humom felt really bad so she gave me lots of pets while she was working. 🙂 YAY!

She said she learned her lesson and promises she will never shortchange me on my exercise again. BOL!

Have a great week everyone!


Mia wallpaper





The Art of Begging

My humom always likes to munch on delicious treats that she never shares with me! What happened to the phrase “Sharing is Caring”???

This is when I have to turn up my begging skills…(Cue the big puppy dog eyes…)

Mia: Mom…why you no sharesies your popcorn with me?? 😦


Crap…it’s not working…wait! I have to rest my head on the couch. That always gives it that “AWWW!!!” factor!

Mia: Pretty please mom??….It smells so good….


Why is it still not working??? What is going on here? Her eyes are glued to that stupid bright colored tee vee thing!


Ok…next plan…I need to get closer to her to get her attention! Yeah that’s it!

Mia: Ummm..Hi mom?…You wanna share some of that popcorn with me now? Pretty pretty please??

What the dog!….It’s still not working!

Alright…time for plan C. Wait for my opportunity to catch some fallen pieces of popcorn when my humom grabs some from the bag….

…wait for it….wait for it….


In the end, my humom gave me a few more pieces of popcorn. I mean…c’mon…how can she resist my big puppy dog eyes and this adorabull face???? Heehee…

Have a great weekend friends!


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Flashback Friday

My humom was going through my pawddy Bruno’s Instagram account the other day and she found some puppy videos me on it!

If you missed the post about Bruno you can check it out here!

So why would Bruno have puppy videos of me on his Instagram?? (I mean who wouldn’t right?.. BOL!) Way back when I was a tiny puppy, my humom needed someone to watch me for the day because the fire department needed to test the fire alarms in our building. Bruno’s humom graciously offered her home for the day and even set up a special space just for me!


When Wilhelmina’s humom first met me, she nicknamed me her little bunny…ever wonder why?…

..This is me running or “bouncing” in slow motion with my big floppy ears like a little bunny!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend!



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Sunday Funday…WITHOUT ME!!!

Furiends!! You won’t believe what happened today! My humom went to this really fun place called the “fair” where apparently you can stuff yourself silly with delicious food and where was I you might ask?? AT HOME ALONE! And top to it off…she went with Wilhemina’s humom and Wilhlemina didn’t get to come either!!!!

And then to top it all off she took pictures to show me! I mean..just look at that succulent piece of chicken! Doesn’t she know I like chicken too??


Just look at all that chicken!! Wilhelmina and I could have easily hopped the gate and feasted for days!


And then you won’t believe she ate next! A CORNDOG! WHAT THE DOG???? Cooked dog with corn? I was sick to my stomach! But she assured me it was actually a hot dog dipped in corn meal batter and DEEP FRIED!!! YUM!!!! I love hotdogs!! How come she didn’t save me a bite?? Sigh…


Then she raved about these potatoes on a stick. (also deep fried!) There’s different flavors you can sprinkle on them.


My humom said that there were so many different food stands she wanted to try but she was too full. Pfft. Amateur. I bet I could have tried them all!

For dessert she had apples dipped in caramel!!!


After all the eating they decided to walk around the fair grounds and went to see some farm animals.

I mean…sure they were cute, especially the little baby goats but why would my humom need to go see some cute animals when she has me??? This wasn’t even the worst part! You know what our humoms did next?? THEY WENT TO WATCH A DOG SHOW!!!!! WTD???? They were called “Super Dogs”.


PFFFT. I don’t see what so super about them!


Pfft…A Frizzy bee dog…I can do that with my eyes closed! Okay, maybe not but I can catch frizzy bees too!!!


And then they had two dogs race against each other. If me and Wilhelmina raced these dogs we would win every time! We’re super fast! Faster than these slow pokes!!! Sheesh!

Another act was dogs going through jumps. Child’s play! Me and Wilhelmina could EASILY clear those! I couldn’t believe our humoms were cheering on ANOTHER POODLE! How dare they???

Once the show was finally over they came to their senses and realized they had neglected us for too long and headed home. Before they left, they made one more stop to buy colored cotton balls. These cotton balls were HUGE!


Guess who got that monster bag?? If you guessed my humom you’re right!!! And she says I’M THE PIGGY???

She didn’t even share with me when she came home!


Mia: Mom, are you going to finish that whole bag yourself??? 

She also brought back some really cool toys she won playing games! She won the big one and Wilhelmina’s mom won a matching baby one!


Mia: *sniff*sniff* Oooo NEW TOYS!!!!


Mia: Wait what? What do you mean these aren’t for me??? Who are they for then???


Mia: Did you bring me ANY thing at all???

Hmmm…a SuperDog bandana and my own Super Dog Frizzy bee? Pretty cool I guess but I’m going to pretend I’m still mad and not look at the camera.


Mia: Wait, what’s that mom? You’re going to take me to low tide with Wilhelmina and Duffy tomorrow for Labour Day? Okay…I guess you’re forgiven…


Did any of you guys get lucky and go to the fair with your humans??


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