Play hard, work later?…

…or was it Play harder, work never? No’s Play hard, Play Harder! Right???

I know what you’re thinking…this girl just plays all day every day, amiright? Little did you know…my humom is what some people call a “Tiger Mom”. Yup, I know, it’s is a human a tiger at the same time???

Mind you, she uses the term “Tiger Mom” loosely. What I mean is, she will always have high expectations when it comes to obedience/commands and behaving well but she will never physically discipline me. She believes in positive reinforcement which means I always get lots of praise and yummy treats to encourage good behavior! We always try to practice a little bit everyday, or at least a few times a week so that I do well in my classes and behave well in public.

She’s probably a bit stricter than most dog owners but it’s only because she’s trying to protect me. I don’t know why I need protection, I’m a pretty tough girl I can protect myself! She says there are people in this world that will judge me before they get to know me. They have the power to remove me from my home and even have me put down! How horrible is that??? That’s why my humom says I have to be a good girl in public and not bark or growl at strangers on the street or in the trails (unless we are actually in danger then she says I can bark).


My humom says I have been doing very well in my obedience classes, I’m already taking the Advanced class!

 We’re learning off leash heeling, walking sits and downs, drop on recall, sit/down stay (where the humans leave the room) and all the other things we’ve learned in intermediate class.

Sometimes, I also get to drop in on the intermediate class that’s after my advanced class to review some of the things I’ve already learned. (My humom would call this a Tiger Mom moment). We go over loose leash walking, sit says, down stays, hand signal only commands, figure 8’s, recall, right turns, left turns and finish.


I like this class because I get to see my doggy daycare buddy Frankie! She’s a Boston Terrier mix but her humom thinks shes mostly Boston Terrier. Frankie can be pretty shy with humans but she likes my humom a lot. Frankie will run to greet her when she sees us come out from our advanced class.



Frankie: Pssst!…Mia! Mia!

Mia: Shhhh!!! Don’t distract me Frankie! You’re going to get us in trouble!

Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on our sit stays because we just want to play!

This is Reggie. She’s a Parson Russell Terrier. She always tries to play with me and I’d like to play with her too but my humom doesn’t let me because she’s too small. She’s afraid I will accidentally hurt Reggie because I can play a little rough and I’m very strong and muscular. Reggie looks like she would be super fun to play with! Isn’t she adorable??? She’s actually in my advanced class but she drops into the intermediate class sometimes too.


These are my advanced class buddies.

We’re doing a long down stay while the humans go to another room where we can’t see them. My humom is so sneaky, she took a spy shot from a tiny window in the wall!

This is Cindy. My humom says Cindy’s off leash heeling puts us to shame so we have to work harder. (That’s another Tiger Mom moment by the way…*rolleyes*)



This is Max. He looks like he could be a lot of fun to play with but his human doesn’t let him play after class.



My humom likes putting me in these classes because before we even get home I’m already wiped! I’ll be passed out in the car on the way home!


Do your humans ever put you in classes like obedience or agility? Share it in the comments!


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Lazy Sunday Selfies

Boy it’s been such a busy fun filled weekend so far…it’s time for some (lazy) Sunday Selfies!

These are my tummy rub faces. Can you tell that I’m enjoying being spoiled? BOL!



Yup…that’s the spot. Ahhh….


A little to the left…there we go…



Now it’s time for a snooooze…..





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Happy Birthday Canada!

Today is Canada’s 150th birthday and what better way to celebrate than hanging out with my bestie Wilhelmina! (And of course my terrier pal Duffy!)



We saw a beautiful bald eagle too! My humom wanted to get closer but she didn’t want to scare it away

I was was too busy protecting my stick to look at the camera. Even tasty treats didn’t work. My humom was not impressed.


Thank you to Wilhelmina’s humom for getting us these great Canada Day bandanas! Don’t they look great on us?

We had lots of fun running around on the jetty!

I even found a tennis ball! Score!!!

Happy Birthday Canada!

Happy Canada day from Mia, Wilhelmina and Duffy! 

We were all so pooped that we passed out before we left the parking lot!

Keiko wasn’t able to come with us, car rides scare him now so we took a couple of photos on our patio.

Mia: Moooom…do we have to take more pictures?? Do I have to hold my toy in my mouth??

Keiko: I don’t wan’t to take pictures either! It’s scary up here on this chair!

Mia: Sigh…lets just do what mom wants so we can go do something else. Just look at the camera Keiko! I don’t want to hold this toy in my mouth anymore. 

Happy Canada Day from Mia and Keiko! 

Bear-Bear couldn’t come with us so I told him all about our day today.

Ummm..excuuuuse me mom??? A little privacy please??? Sheesh!

Anyways…as I was saying Bear-Bear…we saw this bald eagle and um..we…uh…zzzZzzZzzzzz….


Happy Canada Day to all our friends! Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for visiting!


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Friday Fun with Auntie!

OMD! Friends! Did I tell you?? My Auntie is back!!! She is visiting for a month I am so excited!!! Her boyfriend Brian is also visiting but only for a few days so my humom suggested they come with us during low tide since Brian has never experienced it!

My humom said I could bring my ball this time since Wilhelmina didn’t come with us. I let Brian throw some balls, he was very happy. He wanted to try and bond with me after he saw how much I love my Auntie.


He was pretty good. I think I like him. He seems like a nice guy.

My Auntie still throws the best. (Shhhh…don’t tell my humom!)


We saw a bald eagle! But it was too far for us to take a picture. We saw some jellyfish though! My Auntie got stung on her foot. 😦


I wanted to lick it but my humom shoo’d me away. She said I could get hurt if I got too close and touched it.

We also saw some humans doing this weird thing on a board and a floating cloud? they somehow attached this cloud to a long boardy thing…my humom called it kitesurfing? What a weird word, I have no idea what it means.


Boy, I was so happy to see my Auntie, it was such a wonderful day at the beach with her.


Auntie wait up!




Can you tell who’s the third wheel in this photo?? BOL!


Happy Friday Friends! Have a great weekend!


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Monday Blues? Just shake it off!

I’m not always a fan of Mondays. I think my humom hates them more than I do. I don’t mind it as much because I get to go to doggy daycare on Mondays! She has to go to work because “somebody has to pay for my food and daycare” watever that means! If she doesn’t have her tea or coffee in the morning she can get super grumpy.

I should just tell her to SHAKE IT OFF! It’s really quite simple…you just close your eyes…plant all 4 paws (in her case her two feet) on the ground and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! You feel so much better after!






How about you guys? How do you handle Monday Blues?


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Friday Favorites – Low Tide!

It’s Fri-YAY!!! Hoooray!!!! Hope everyone had a great week! The weather is starting to warm up here in Vancouver and it’s forecast to be hot and sunny!

I can’t wait to go to the beach!


One of my favorite times to go to the beach is when its low tide!!!



Of course, I wouldn’t go without my BFF Wilhelmina! We always have so much fun splashing in the water and finding things to eat! (Much to the disgust of our humans)



Check out my Instagram video below when we went last week!

Have a great weekend friends!


The weekend is calling! Gotta go!


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Tongue Out Tuesday with Keiko!

It’s Tongue Out Tuesday and I thought I would share some photos of Keiko! He’s so photogenic I need to get some tips from him!

Look how cute this guy was at 6 months! (2004)

He loved car rides too! Keiko and our humom had many adventures!

Car rides are the best! (2004)


Fun at the dog park! (2007 & 2008)

Keiko’s 10th Birthday!!! (2013)

Keiko also loves hanging out at the beach! As long as he’s far away from the water, he’s not a fan! Can you believe he’s 12 in this photo?? (2015)

Look at this handsome guy! He doesn’t age! He’s 13 in this photo! (2017)

Hope you all enjoyed Keiko’s photos! Have a great Tuesday!