Throwback Thursday – Nymeria is making progress!

Today marks exactly 6 months since Nymeria has been here and she’s made a lot of progress! She is still very weary of strangers, especially men but she loves all the humans at her daycare and she is slowly warming up to Uncle Erik and Wilhelmina’s hudad.

Back in March when my Auntie was visiting, Nymeria made a huge breakthrough with her! She let my Auntie pet her and give her treats but the biggest thing of all was…She started playing with her! My Auntie was so happy and so were we!

It was a shame that Auntie didn’t visit for very long, she was only here for a week. Nymeria warmed up to her the last day before Auntie went back to Boston.

Hopefully when Auntie comes back in the summer time Nymeria will remember back to this visit and warm up to her again!


Mia wallpaper

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Nymeria is making progress!

  1. rubytheairedale says:

    MIA!!!!! NYMERIA!!!!!!!! I MISSED YOUR GURLS!!!!!!! OMD, I’ve been thinkin’ abouts you guys, and hopin’ everything is pawsome, and you are all well and havin’ lots and lots of adventures!
    Wowsa! Nymeria, you sure did have some funs with your Auntie! She seems likes tons of funs!
    Nothin’ better than some good scritches and treaties! (wells, unless you count margaritas…..heheheee)
    Ruby ♥


  2. Princess Leah says:

    Its sooooo heartwarming to see how Nymeria has settled in and so quickly!
    Aunty’s are just the bestest aren’t they…..were there TREATS????
    My Aunty Freya has taught me sooooo much…especially about TREATS!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


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