Nosework class!

Guess what friends! My mom signed me up for this super fun class called Nosework! I sniff out these smells that are hidden in boxes and when I find it I get treats! It’s super fun!

The only part I didn’t like was having to wait my turn. I’m not a very patient pup!

When is it my turn mom??

How long do I have to wait? Sigh…

My classmates had a really good time too!

This is Lola the Vizla. She was very excitable and bounced around a lot.

This is Tucker the Beagle. He was around my age, we played a little while we waited for our turns. He was really vocal and barked a lot because he was so excited! Who could blame him??

I got really good at it by the last few classes but as you can see based on the videos, my humom still needs to practice…she kept forgetting the cue word!

I can’t wait for Level 2!

Do you guys participate in any kind of nosework class? How did you like it? Share it in the comments!


Mia wallpaper

4 thoughts on “Nosework class!

  1. Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties says:

    How fun!!!! You and your mom did a good job. We have learned in the different classes my sisters and I have taken that its hard to train our people. We play a game here at home with tennis balls, a muffin tin, and treats its fun too. Keep up the good work! ~ nose nudges Bessie Pup


  2. Amy says:

    Xena: I was very interested in watching your videos. I think I would like to do this. Mommy commented today on how I follow my nose when we are outside. My Guardian Angel Lexi would “get deaf” following her nose. Mommy says it must be part of being a ratter. You did a good job, Mia. Are you a ratter, too?


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