Popcorn Beggars

Watcha got there mom? It smells really good…


It’s called “popcorn” Nymeria! It’s SUPER TASTY! Quick! Throw your best puppy dog eyes at her so we can have a taste!


Ok I’ll try! How’s this??


Hmmm…no you gotta REALLY OPEN your eyes…like THIS!


Ohhh…like this??



Now give us some popcorn mom! Pretty please???….

12 thoughts on “Popcorn Beggars

  1. rubytheairedale says:

    GUUUURLS!!!! OMD, I’ve missed so many of your posties!!!!! I don’t knows why you weren’t showin’ up….sigh. Anyhu, looks like you are pawfessional poppycorn beggers!!!! I don’t thinks anyone could resist those pupper peepers!!!
    Ruby ♥


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