Throwback Thursday – Christmas Holidays

Since it’s Thursday, I thought I should throw it back to the holidays and share a bit of what we did!

This was our Christmas tree! It was my very first Christmas tree! (We didn’t have one last year because I was too scared of them).


This year though, we had a couple of very special decorations. Instead of putting a star on top, my humom put a beautiful little snow owl in memory of my Angel brother Keiko.


She also got a special Christmas ornament with his name on it.


I supervised the whole thing, making sure all the decorations were in the right place. I had to take a nap afterwards, it’s very tiring being a supervisor!


The best part of the holidays is when my FAVORITE AUNTIE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD comes to visit! She’s my humom’s younger sister. I did an intro post about her last year, you can read it here.

We always have so much fun together, this one time she took me to the beach to play fetch! If you missed that post, you can read it here!

I love sitting on Auntie’s lap! (I’m in denial that I’m too big to be a lap dog)

When she visits, she always stays at the parents’ house. I wish she could stay with us but our apartment isn’t big enough. My humom’s parents’ house is REALLY BIG! but…us dogs are only allowed in the kitchen.


This would be the first time Nymeria would meet my humom’s whole family. She even met my humom’s brother, wife and son! They were visiting from Hawaii and my humom said she did very well. She was a little nervous but she sat quietly behind Humom. Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos, Humom forgot to take some!

While the humans were waiting for the food to be ready, I was watching my Auntie make this little fluffy ball thingy for her dad’s knitted hat (she knitted him a hat for Christmas!) I thought it was a toy so I kept staring at it, waiting for Auntie to give it to me. I think she called it a “pom-pom” or something. She ended making me one but it didn’t last very long…



Nymeria whined a little bit throughout the night, but I tried to comfort her like a good big sister! Humom was very proud of me. 🙂


Eventually she was able to relax and took a nap while the humans were eating.


After dinner, my humom’s dad took out this weird contraption called a “oo-ka-lee-lee”. It plays music when you touch the strings.


My Auntie serenaded me with it later on in the night!



As you can see I enjoyed it very much!

My humom knew that it was time to go home when I jumped into her lap to sleep.


I can’t wait until my Auntie comes back to visit! I think my humom said she will be back during broken Spring? I don’t really know what that means…how do you break Spring? Something about my Auntie not having to go to class for a week so she’s going to come home to celebrate my humom’s birthday!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Mia wallpaper

14 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Christmas Holidays

  1. Amy says:

    Your tree is beautiful, Mia. You did a good job supervising. And the owl is perfect. I must look for one next year. How wonderful to have your auntie with you over Christmas. I think she enjoys being with you, too.
    Lucy wanted me to ask you if you ever get scared of people or things. She says she tries really hard, but still has a lot of fear.

    Liked by 1 person

    • pibblelife says:

      Thank you Amy! I must say I am a pretty good supervisor. If you hear me snoring you know I’m doing a REALLY good job BOL!

      Yeah my Auntie is the best! She lets me crawl all over her and rub my stink on her. She also doesn’t mind my kisses.

      I’m scared of puppies and grocery bags. For the most part, people don’t scare me, I actually try to greet everyone (though not all strangers appreciate it) but if someone seems a little suspicious I will growl. I used to be scared of Christmas trees but this year I was a lot better!

      Nymeria is still really scared of people, we always try to get new people to give her treats every time they visit.

      How long has it been that Lucy is still scared of people? What things is she scared of? My humom has accepted the fact that I will always be scared of grocery bags (she doesn’t understand where this fear came from). She also thinks it will take at least a year or so for Nymeria to not be scared of strangers. She is terrified of men.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Amy says:

        Lucy also comes from an unknown background. She is scared of us, even, if we make sudden moves or raise a hand over our heads or raise our voices, even in a non-threatening manner, such as me yelling down the hall for hubby to hear me. She’s scared of any loud noises. If I reprimand Xena for anything she is scared and runs and hides. She’s not scared of thunder, but if I crumpled a bag or foil in front of her she would tuck tail and run. I’ve never heard her growl and she’s never acted aggressive. It’s rather heartbreaking to see how easily she is frightened, such a gentle, loving, playful soul. Oh, and she doesn’t know how to play with people, just other dogs.


      • Amy says:

        Extremely bonded. Today while they were keeping their sick dad company in bed, he witnessed Lucy gently caress Xena’s face with her paw, then Xena lick Lucy’s mouth.

        Liked by 1 person

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