Día Del Galgo – World Galgo Day

Hi Everyone! Nymeria here.

I’m taking over the blog today to talk about a very special day today. It’s Día Del Galgo or World Galgo Day! Though Galgos (and Podencos) need help all year round, February 1 was chosen as the day to unite people to help bring awareness to our plight. This is the official website if you would like more information: www.diadelgalgo.com

The galgo is an ancient breed, originally brought to Spain by noblepersons and was held in high esteem.  After years and years of theft and breeding by the lower class, the galgo became viewed as a “trash dog” and only owned by the lower classes. The galgo was bred for hunting (hare) and coursing. They spend their lives in damp, tiny dirty holes or windowless shacks until they are needed to hunt. They are typically fed only water and bread, it is believed that they hunt better when starving. They are deprived of any human affection because it is believed to harm their hunting abilities. Unfortunately, once the hunting season is over, the Galgueros (galgo handlers) deem the galgos worthless or too costly to maintain. It is cheaper for them to buy new dogs than to feed the old ones.  Many are killed in a variety of inhuman ways. The “lucky ones” are dumped at the shelter while others are shot, poisoned, drowned, hanged or even burned to death.

It’s been an ongoing fight to stop the hunting in Spain and unfortunately thousands of Galgos and Podencos are still being killed, tortured and abandoned every year. The number is estimated to be 150,000.

Rescues like Scooby Medina, Galgo Del Sol, Ibizan Hound Rescue, Galgos en Familia and many others are filling up with thousands of puppies, adults and seniors, all trying to find them forever homes. They are always in need of donations and foster homes.

My fellow galga Avalon and myself have been fortunate enough to find loving homes here in Canada. Avalon was rescued by the lovely people of Ibizan Hound Rescue.

Isn’t she the cutest puppy you have ever seen?? Just look at that sweet face! You never know it just by looking at her but she’s a very mischievous little girl!

I was rescued by Scooby Medina.

I was found with a male black Galgo named Timon. They’re not sure if he was my dad but we were very attached to one another. We both had very bad skin when we first arrived in the shelter. They gave me a tennis ball to help burn off my energy! All I wanted to do was play play play! Timon was very shy and weary of people. Eventually I was moved into another paddock with other puppies my age. Sadly he is still at the shelter. He has not been adopted yet 😦


I was a really tiny puppy! I’m definitely not that small anymore! BOL!

My humom thinks that I am a mix of a wired haired Podenco and a Galgo. I have the ears and hair of a Podenco but the brindle of a Galgo. Let’s not forget my long tail of mine! It’s measured at 22 inches!

Watching the sunset with my buddy Duffy

Watching the airplanes fly by

I couldn’t have imagined living such a great life with my new family and having such great friends!

Mia and I got off to a rocky start but we’re really bonding now!

We both share a dislike for picture taking when we are trying to nap!

We both love a good run in the forest and a post powernap in the car!

Gobby face! Following in my sister’s footsteps! You’re not having enough fun until you’ve got gob all over your face! BOL!

We’re on the lookout!

Did I mention all the toys I get to play with?? This one is my favorite…it’s actually Mia’s but I stole it!

I’ll even put up with being dressed up! Mia doesn’t look too pleased. BOL! This was for Wilhelmina’s humoms birthday!

I really hope that one day all this terrible hunting will be banned in Spain and that all my galgo and podenco friends will be all free and living in wonderful loving forever homes. We have to keep fighting the fight and help all these rescues in any way we can!

A special thank you goes out to those who helped me and my family bring me here to Vancouver, BC. I am so thankful and appreciative to have such generous, caring people and dogs in my life!


14 thoughts on “Día Del Galgo – World Galgo Day

  1. Yamini MacLean says:

    Hari OM
    It is good to see that dogs who play together, lay together! What a wonderfurs post you brought us today Nymeria and I too give thanks for the great peeps in the world who do so much to counteract the effects of peeps who are definitely not so great… hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Amy says:

    I will never understand how people can be so heartless toward animals. May thousands of people decide to adopt from Spain today, on Dia del Galgo. ❤ P.S. I am so glad, Nymeria, that you and Lucy have become close, just like Xena and Lucy.

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  3. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs says:

    Día Del Galgo! World Galgo Day!

    A very serious issue for too many good dogs. My huMom knows a few people in the UK that rescue & bring dogs over from Greece. Wagnificient pups, wooftastic people💜

    Even here in rural Ontario, Canada certain breeds/mixed breed dogs are deemed outdoor/hunting dogs. Their lives are short & miserable. It’s a pawling!

    Nymeria you & your pack are inspirational!
    3 bum swings! 3 more! 💜

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

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  4. Patzy and Miss Juliea says:

    You and Avalon are great ambassadors for people all over the world to learn how badly your kind is treated in Spain. We live in Oregon, USA and used to have greyhound dog racing tracks but those dogs were mistreated and killed off once they weren’t fast enough. It is now illegal here and we do have greyhound rescues also. My angel dog brother used to love to play with some neighbor greyhounds and they were fast! But were also very calm and majestic walking on a leash and I am told they are couch potatoes at home. I think you might be a lot like that. You need to run a bit but otherwise are pretty mellow dogs. I would love to have a galgo brother or sister but my mommy is not sure she wants another dog. Cats are easier in a different way. Luvz and happy Dia Del Galgo. I hope it spurs up a lot of interest to help them to find new homes! Patzy

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      • Patzy and Miss Juliea says:

        We have lots of dog parks where they could run in Portland. Mammas brother and sister in law would love to join us too. They have 3 dogs. But silly momma is nervous of about how much shedding these dogs would do. She is allergic and with meds is ok with one cat. But our Angel Doggie Buddy shed as much or more than 5 cats! He was a lab/shephard mix so she is concerned about anyone who comes into the house. Even peeps who wear too much perfume or neighbors who use too much fabric scented softener when she walks by. It’s not fun to have simple allergies but for people to add to it with artificial scents? My mommy goes off her rockers!

        These dogs look like they would not shed too much and my momma has gained 5 pounds since Buddy left us to go over the bridge. Do

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