We made our humom cry the other night…but don’t worry! They were happy tears! Actually I even surprised myself because Nymeria and I played together!

After we had a long evening walk, we had dinner and then we started wrestling! Our humom couldn’t believe it she had to capture it on video!

We played for quite a while and we made quite a mess! We were all over the couch and all over the floor! Our humom didn’t mind, she was just so happy we were playing she didn’t care.


Nymeria kept trying to get me play when I was taking a water break! This pup doesn’t slow down!

Oops! Did we make this mess???


Man I’m really tired after all that playing!

We were utterly exhausted after all that playing, it’s time for bed! Good night!



wallpaperMia and Nymeria wallpaper

28 thoughts on “Breakthrough!

  1. weemontytheyorkiepoo says:

    So heartwarming to read that you are noticing such success!!! I am certainly hoping that eventually I am successful socializing Monty as well. I need a lot more controlled exposure to other dogs I believe but maybe reading your posts will help me in my approach!!

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    • pibblelife says:

      Yeah controlled exposure is super important especially since Monty is so small! Puppy classes and obediences were the best way for me since many ppl are scared of my breed. But through those classes I was also able to go to doggy daycare (through the same facility) and that’s how I got doggy socialized. 🙂


      • weemontytheyorkiepoo says:

        I find it disheartening that almost every single class is focused around the big breeds. I understand the importance and support this 100%, but the little dogs that have such a bad reputation are getting zero help 😭😭

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      • pibblelife says:

        Yeah I totally get it. I have a doggy friend Duffy who is a pom/yorkie mix. His humom always tries to socialize him and they always stop when a small dog walks by in the forest so he can say hi too. He is always overlooked because of his size!


  2. Amy says:

    I KNEW you two would end up being friends! Loved watching you play bitey face. It will just keep getting better. ~Amy
    Surrendering and playing with your sister is easiest- and the most fun. ~Lucy
    I wanna play, I wanna play, I wanna play! ~Xena
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • pibblelife says:

      Aw thanks Amy! Sometimes Nymeria gets a little carried away so I have to tell her to be gentle but overall she’s a great playmate!

      Yeah I guess so!…But I still have to teach her boundaries. How’s it going with you and Xena now, Lucy?

      Come join us next time Xena! I bet Nymeria would love to play with you!

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      • Amy says:

        I still have to remind Lucy to be gentle, too. Amy

        Xena and I get along great and with Riley gone a lot, and me grounded, it has been nice to have her to play with. ~Lucy

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  3. tippysmom2 says:

    Mia, I knew if you were patient that she would come around. She just needed to get used to living the good life. You two are going to be BFF’s and play every day! What a great Christmas gift for you humom.

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  4. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs says:

    My huMom wished Q & I played but we don’t. Sometimes I try to initiate play but not sure how & Q is super old & never played with another dog. Q lived on a chain her whole life until she came to live with us a few years ago. HuMom is certain that I was taken away from my mom & siblings too early. I didn’t get a chance to learn how to interact with others. I try though 😉
    So happy for you all! Play on!
    HuMom thanks you for the video; she loved it!

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

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