Throwback Thursday!

Hi guys! Nymeria here! Mia was nice enough to let me do a Throwback Thursday post since I haven’t done one yet!

As you know, my humom adopted me from Spain. I was already about 8 months when I was flown to Canada so she missed out on my little puppy stage. The rescue guessed that I was about 3 months when they found me so my estimated birthday is sometime in March of this year!

Look how tiny I was!

They found me with a male galgo. They suspect that he could be my father but no one knows for sure! He was very timid and shy when we came into the shelter but I was a little firecracker! When they found us, I was very friendly and greeted everyone with tail wags and back flips!

I was always ready to play! I hope my galgo friend eventually found a furever home.

Even at this early age I was already into tennis balls! Mia better watch out! She’s got competition!

Here’s a little short video they took of me!


I have such a wonderful life now and I am so thankful for my new family and friends. I hope all my Scooby friends back in Spain will find furever homes too.

I’m still getting the hang of things here in Vancouver. I’m still weary of strangers especially men but I’m sure I’ll come around someday. Just not yet. Mia and I are starting to play a little bit more together and I’ve made some wonderful new friends like my fellow galga Avalon! Isn’t she beautiful?

I will always be grateful for the wonderful people that took me in and saved me from the streets but I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life. Everyday is a new adventure! Thanks for reading! Come back soon for more updates! πŸ™‚



21 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday!

  1. Amy says:

    Nymeria, it is good to hear your story and know you are happy in your wonderful furever home. It just breaks my heart to see the sad, scared look on the poor boy’s face. I hope he got a good home, too.

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  2. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs says:

    HuMom & I have furiends in the UK that run a rescue dogs for galgos in Greece & Spain.
    My fellow Canadian furiend I am So happy you are safe & happy. We hope your furiend is also safe & happy too.
    A good reminder to others, Adopt Don’t Shop!

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

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  3. rubytheairedale says:

    Oh Nymeria, you were such a sweetie! Just wanting to play and have funs! I am so happy you found your furever home with Mia and her Moms! What a FABulous life! I just knows that my pal Mia is gonna show you all the ins and outs of causing mischief! BOL!
    I hopes your pals gets the same kind of pawsome home you have!
    Ruby β™₯

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    • pibblelife says:

      Thanks Ruby!!! She’s definitely taught me some stuffs that my humom wish I didn’t pick up so quickly…like rolling in stinky stuffs…and begging for human food with big puppy dog eyes! BOL!


  4. Patzy and Miss Juliea says:

    Nymeria, We looked your breed up on the internet and you are indeed related to the greyhound. They call you the Spanish Greyhound and talk about what excellent pets your breed makes. And we can see that in you are indeed mellow and get along with everyone and every pet if you are socialized and given room to run on a regular basis. I’ll bet you are FAST!!! We think you are the perfect dawg and wish more peeps in th US could find out about your special personalities and get the word out to bring your relatives here to America as well as Canada and other countries. Thanks to you for being a great ambassador to your breed! Luv, your kitty friend, Patzy.

    P.s. We love you too Mia and you are a good ambassador for your breed also!

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    • pibblelife says:

      AWww…thanks so much Patzy! There are more and more of us slowly coming into North America. Transports can be a little more difficult but rescues are still trying their best! Yeah I’m pretty fast πŸ˜‰ I don’t think Mia likes to admit that I’m faster than her heehee…especially when we play fetch!


      • Patzy and Miss Juliea says:

        What a disgrace to humanity those folks in Spain who just kill them when they are just growing up and are not as fast as they used to be. We no longer have dog racing here in Oregon because of the abuse that happened to those dogs no longer useful. Dogs should be able to live with a family and retire gracefully. They are so much more valuable because of the love and enjoyment they can bestow when living with humans who call them family and not just money makers. We are so glad she got to come live with you.


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