Tongue Out Tuesday

Hi furiends!

It’s another installment of Tongue Out Tuesday and—

Nymeria: Hey wait for me! I want to be part of  Tongue Out Tuesday! 

Mia: Sigh….well hurry up!! Geez, why do little sisters always have to be part of EVERYTHING you do….

Nymeria: Okay, I’m coming! I’m coming! 

ANYhoo, as I was saying…it’s another installment of Tongue Out Tuesday on this cloudy day, but that doesn’t stop us from having fun!

My humom says that this is probably one of her favorite TOTs because I have a goofy derpy face and my ears are flopping everywhere. What do you think??

Have a happy Tuesday! Keep those tongues hanging out!



19 thoughts on “Tongue Out Tuesday

  1. Miss Harper Lee says:

    Happy TOT Mia and a very belated welcome to your sweet little sister. Let me tell you that little sisters can be a real pain, but they can also be your vey best friend in the whole world. Looking forward to watching the two of you on your best friend journey. ❤

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  2. rubytheairedale says:

    OMD, gurls you look FABulous in your TOT pics!!!!! I forgots to do mine yesterday. Oh wells.
    Mia, you knows that your sissy is gonna wants to do everythings you want to do!
    (hey, have you found any stinky stuffs lately??? I’ve been dreamin’ abouts that fishy head…)
    Ruby ♥

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    • pibblelife says:

      BOL! Thanks Ruby!!! No more fishy heads… 😦 but I still search for them every time we go to the jetty! I will think of you every time I find one and I’ll roll extra hard in it just for you! 😉


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