Monday Mischief!

The first Monday Mischief post on this blog! Waitaminute…what is this I hear?…My fursister Nymeria already did a Monday Mischief post?? WITHOUT MY CONSENT??? On MY blog??? How dare she??? Add that to the list of on my Roommate Nightmare post!


Mia: What’s this I hear you did a Monday Mischief post on my blog??

Nymeria: Hey you were sleeping! You snooze you lose!

Anyhoo…I guess I can’t stay TOO mad because we all had a pretty fun time together and I got to roll in some pretty awesome stuff!! (And by awesome I mean REALLY STINKY heehee).


My humom was NOT impressed, especially because I was wearing her favorite collar. It’s my Autumn chipmunk collar.

I was showing Nymeria the best spots on the jetty to roll in but she wasn’t fast enough and our humom caught her right in time. Pfft. Amateur. Every time my humom tried to catch me, I already left the scene!


Mia: I wasn’t doing anything…

Mia: Hmm…I wonder what other smelly things I can roll in…

Duffy: Is that what I smell?? It’s coming from you??? Wait..can you show me where?…I want some of that action!

Wilhelmina: MmMmm! Mia you smell wonderful! 

Mia: What? We weren’t doing anything..I was NOT showing Duffy where I last rolled in…for reals!

I also got Wilhelmina into some mischief too. There’s no photos of the evidence since we ate it all but the humoms were very upset. I threw it up later on the jetty, my humom won’t let me post any pictures of it.

Nymeria: Hey Wilhelmina! What was that thing you and Mia were eating back there?

Wilhelmina: Hmmm…I can still taste it in my mouth…it was so good!

Nymeria: Show me where! Is there any more back there?

Mia: SHHH!! Don’t tell her anything Wilhelmina! Cuz then we’ll have to share!

Mia: Hey Avalon! There you are! Where did you go?

Avalon: I was just rolling in some stuff and I found something to eat too!

Mia: Nice work!

As punishment for all the mischief we did today they made us sit still for a BAJILLION group photos. *YAWN*.


Mia: Sigh…Are these family photos really necessary???

Wilhelmina: Psssst!…Mia! Let’s ditch this photo session after and go find more of that dead animal!

Mia: Shhh!! Just play it cool Wilhelmina! We don’t want to get caught again!

And if that wasn’t enough, we were tortured again with BATHS!!!!!

Mia: How can you guys sleep?? Don’t you know where we’re going next???

Mia: These guys don’t know what’s coming….Just innocently sleeping…

I refused to put any of the humiliating bath photos up, even though my humom REALLY wanted to share.

By the end of it all, we were exhausted. So exhausted that I didn’t even care that I shared the couch with Nymeria.





Mia: I always get mom’s lap!

Did you guys get into any mischief today?

Mia wallpaper

15 thoughts on “Monday Mischief!

  1. tippysmom2 says:

    Oh Mia. I was just kidding about your rolling in the stinky stuff so that Nymeria would have to get an unnecessary bath too! I’m sure you enjoyed it all though, even the food that didn’t stay in your stomach for too long. Looks like you had a lot of fun with all of your family/friends. What a great place you have to go running around free!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Amy says:

    Mia you all have the bestest Moms to take you out to roll in stinky stuff and run and play and eat carcasses of dead animals. Wait! It was only the run and play stuff they took you out to do! I had to laugh as I knew what the looks between you and Wilhelmenia meant in that group photo before I ever read the caption. You two together are trouble! But too adorable to stay mad at, too. <2 P.S. Your look-alike Lucy has now been double-grounded.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. rubytheairedale says:

    OMD, you guys always have the bestest times!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP GURLS! Rollin’ and snackin’ on deaded thingies??! you lucky duckies! (it wasn’t a duck, was it?? ☺) Anyhu, you guys looked AMAZIN’ doin’ it! I loves your threads! Sorry abouts the baths….why do peeps ALWAYS wash off the good smells??! sigh.
    Anyhu, thanks for sharing your mischief….it gives me TONS of ideas…..
    Ruby ♥

    Liked by 2 people

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