Happy Howl-O-Ween!!! (with bloopers!)

It’s that miserable fun time of year again when my humom dresses me up in costume. At least this time I got to share my misery with my new fursister Nymeria.


Mia: You could have at least straightened out my wings before taking the picture…oh the humiliation!


Nymeria: Quit your complaining! I’ve only been in the country for 4 days and I’m already wearing these weird things on my head!

My humom was hoping to get some spooky looking halloween photos in the forest but…it didn’t really turn out that way…

…so instead…we present to you..Howl-O-Ween bloopers!! Bruno came with us to join in on the torture fun too!


Nymeria: I don’t want to take pictures!

Mia: Just sit still! You think we want to do this??

Bruno: I can’t see anything…what’s going on? Are we done yet?


Mia: Arg! Nymeria you blinked!

Nymeria: Hey! What do you expect?? I’ve never taken photos before! Sheesh!



Bruno: Sorry guys…I have a wardrobe malfunction over here…

Mia: Well hurry up and fix it so we can get out of these costumes and back to playing! We’re being tortured over here!Β 

Mia: Important tip for you Nymeria…If we keep looking away from the camera, the humoms will eventually give up and we’ll be free!


Nymeria: Like this? How about if I start walking away? Does that work??


Mia: Yah! Exactly! Good work! Looks like they’ve given up!!! YAY!


In the end, we managed to get one decent photo. My humom still wasn’t happy though because the photo is slightly blurry and she didn’t like the way I was sitting. Because of the angle and the sun reflection, you couldn’t see my bat wings. SHEESH! Humans are never satisfied are they???


Happy Howl-O-Ween furiends!!! Did you guys get lots of treats? Do any cool tricks? Endure torturous photo shoots wearing ridiculous costumes? Share it in the comments!


Mia wallpaper


16 thoughts on “Happy Howl-O-Ween!!! (with bloopers!)

  1. Amy says:

    Hi friends! Xena here. I didn’t get to wear a costume. Why didn’t I get to wear a costume? I have only been alive for four months and people have to tell me about these things! Oh, I mean, you all look adorable, bye.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Amy says:

    Xena and Lucy’s Mom here,. Sorry about Xena’s rant. Mia, you scared the heck out of me in that first picture. Way to go, Halloween girl! Bruno, I don’t have a clue what you’re dressed up as other than mabe a dog who plays pin the tail on the donkey? And poor Nymeria. As adorable as she looks, she probably thinks she has moved to the country of crazy people and new forms of torture, LOL! Happy Howl-o-ween. P.S. I am the only one who dressed up today – Raggedy Ann

    Liked by 1 person

    • pibblelife says:

      Oopsie…Didn’t mean to look so menacing! But I was really annoyed with all the fittings and picture taking! Bruno is supposed to he Geordi La Forge for Star Trek (but with a red shirt…his humom didn’t have a yellow shirt for him). Nymeria was a pretty good sport about the whole costume thing I must say. My humom had to feed her a lot of treats! You voluntarily dressed up in costume? Do humans like to do that sort of thing??

      Liked by 1 person

  3. tippysmom2 says:

    You all are so cute. Mia, I just thought in the first picture that you had been flying and just landed, so that is why your wings weren’t straight. πŸ˜‰ Looks like you took lessons from Tippy on how to avoid the camera. She seems to be the expert. She didn’t get to (have to) dress up. We just stayed home. Enjoy the rest of your evening.


  4. rubytheairedale says:

    OMD, you guys look FABulous!!!!! I loves your costumes! Nows, I never thought of just lookin’ away or walkin’ away! Darn it! Ma always has a treatie above the camera makin’ me look and drool….so not fair! I can’t resist the treatie! You guys are lucky duckies! Um, I means lucky Unicorns, bat, and Super Heroes!
    Ruby β™₯


  5. Tails Around the Ranch says:

    Giggle, giggle…you guys put a smile on my mum’s face. We’ve been spending too much time at the hospital this week so she’s late reading all the ‘fun’ you had in the forrest. Well done and quite clever, pupsters!
    Your fur-iends,
    Sam & Elsa 🐾


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