Happy Howl-O-Ween!!! (with bloopers!)

It’s that miserable fun time of year again when my humom dresses me up in costume. At least this time I got to share my misery with my new fursister Nymeria.


Mia: You could have at least straightened out my wings before taking the picture…oh the humiliation!


Nymeria: Quit your complaining! I’ve only been in the country for 4 days and I’m already wearing these weird things on my head!

My humom was hoping to get some spooky looking halloween photos in the forest but…it didn’t really turn out that way…

…so instead…we present to you..Howl-O-Ween bloopers!! Bruno came with us to join in on the torture fun too!


Nymeria: I don’t want to take pictures!

Mia: Just sit still! You think we want to do this??

Bruno: I can’t see anything…what’s going on? Are we done yet?


Mia: Arg! Nymeria you blinked!

Nymeria: Hey! What do you expect?? I’ve never taken photos before! Sheesh!



Bruno: Sorry guys…I have a wardrobe malfunction over here…

Mia: Well hurry up and fix it so we can get out of these costumes and back to playing! We’re being tortured over here! 

Mia: Important tip for you Nymeria…If we keep looking away from the camera, the humoms will eventually give up and we’ll be free!


Nymeria: Like this? How about if I start walking away? Does that work??


Mia: Yah! Exactly! Good work! Looks like they’ve given up!!! YAY!


In the end, we managed to get one decent photo. My humom still wasn’t happy though because the photo is slightly blurry and she didn’t like the way I was sitting. Because of the angle and the sun reflection, you couldn’t see my bat wings. SHEESH! Humans are never satisfied are they???


Happy Howl-O-Ween furiends!!! Did you guys get lots of treats? Do any cool tricks? Endure torturous photo shoots wearing ridiculous costumes? Share it in the comments!


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Introducing our newest member!

Hi everyone! Mia’s mom here. I’m taking over the blog today to formally introduce the newest member of our family…

..please welcome…



It has been quite the journey getting her here to Canada and I don’t mean her flight!

Wilhelmina’s humom and I had been in long discussions of adding another young dog to our packs. We discussed the right breeds, the best compatibility, best age, breeder vs. shelter etc.

Then late summer I was introduced to the Galgos and Podencos of Spain by Wilhlemina’s humom. I read up about their plight and researched their breed and temperament. I couldn’t believe this was happening to them. It made me so angry and upset. I hugged Mia extra hard after reading the horror stories of their tortures.  Like Pit Bulls and other bully breeds, all they want to do is please their humans. To abuse that love and devotion for their humans’ gain sickened me to my core.  My worst fear is having Mia stolen from me one day and used as a bait dog.

Wilhelmina’s humom told me to visit www.scoobymedina.org and take a look at the adoptable dogs. At first I wasn’t actually looking for a galgo or podenco. I was looking to adopt locally, perhaps another bully breed mix. That was until…I saw Nymeria’s (Linda) profile.

That face! Those eyes! Those adorable ears! (I have a thing for big dog ears lol)

It was love at first sight. I knew right then and there I had to have her. She just HAD to come home to me.

During my research, I found an AMAZING blog by Margie Easter called A Journey: Adopting a Galgo. I spent an entire day at work reading her blog. Every. Single. Post. I admired her passion and dedication to saving these animals. She visited Scooby twice a year (and still does) to volunteer and bring back dogs for adoption. She herself has adopted a few galgos from Scooby. (She lives in San José)

I reached out to her via email and she offered to call me on the phone! She answered a lot of my questions and she even knew about the galgo mix pup that I was interested in! Turns out she had just returned from a recent trip to Scooby back in June! She gave me the contact for the coordinator who took care of Canadian adoptions so I was off to a good start!

The coordinator responded back to me within a few days and got Nymeria put on hold for me. When I went to the Scooby Medina website and looked up her profile, the words “hold on” gave me goosebumps! She was on hold for me!

Unfortunately after that high, things started to go down hill…fast. One week had passed and no reply…then 2 weeks…4…5…6! 6 weeks and no reply from the coordinator! I had even sent her 3 follow up emails but nothing.

I decided to contact Margie to see if she could get a hold of the coordinator for me.  Margie received no replies. Fortunately, Margie was returning to Scooby in mid September which was only a week away.

While Margie was at Scooby, we learned that Nymeria was going to be sent to Holland on a transport with a group of other galgos! Because Scooby hadn’t heard from the coordinator in a long time and Nymeria was already put on hold, they thought they should transport her to another country so that she could get adopted before the cold winter months arrived.

I can’t even to begin to describe all the feelings that were running through my body.

I was livid. Confused. Frustrated. But most of all…heartbroken.


Margie was really apologetic even though it wasn’t her fault. She asked if there was another dog on the website that I would consider adopting. No, there wasn’t. Nymeria was meant to come home with me. How could this happen?


I explained to Margie that Nymeria was my heart dog. It had to be her or no dog. She understood how I felt so she went to discuss with Fermin, the founder of Scooby to see what else we could do. In the meantime, Nymeria would no longer be on the transport to Holland!

Eventually, they found a new coordinator for me. She was located in Montreal and ran her own rescue called Extraordinary Galgos and Podencos. I resubmitted my application and waited for my homecheck. Passed! Woohoo! However, we arrived at our next speed bump. I would have to find a way to get Nymeria from Montreal to Vancouver.  I wasn’t expecting that added expense since I assumed her adoption fee was going to cover her flight.

That’s when we reached out to social media for help and the response was so wonderful! We reached our Go Fund Me goal just in time thanks to the generosity of friends and strangers!

We were still struggling to find a flight patron since I couldn’t take time off to get her myself. That’s when my good friend Sandra (Bruno’s humom) offered to fly to Montreal to bring Nymeria back. I couldn’t believe she was willing to fly to Montreal for me! On top of that…she was traveling with a 6 month old baby! She was able to visit a good friend of hers and spend a couple of days to rest so it was a win-win for everyone. 🙂


Nymeria, Sandra and baby Eileen at the Montreal airport.

She arrive late Thursday night. The first Canadian dog Nymeria met was Bruno! We could tell that meeting another dog eased her a little bit.


It’s been a bit of a rough start with Nymeria and Mia but one thing’s for sure, it didn’t take long for Nymeria to get used to couch life!

Nymeria has a forever home now because of the generosity of these wonderful people:

Sandra & Shaun Thompson

& Bruno

Margie Easter

Tania Schmitt

Lexi the Schnauzer & Friends

Three Pups and a couple of Kitties

Beverley Duong

Natasha B

Angelina L

Stefany S

Stephanie S

Kristen Copeland

Pam G- Sidewalk Shoes

Ayuchi G

Danielle F

Kent N

Melita P

Delmy S

and thanks to my friends Nick, Vicky, Sandra and Becky who signed up for my cookie decorating class, all funds went to Nymeria’s adoption!

I can’t thank everyone enough, even if you didn’t donate but shared our story to spread the word, we really really thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Yoshi (the human), Mia, Keiko and Nymeria

I have a new sister!

Furiends!! Guess what!! I have a new sister!!! She arrived late tonight and she’s been settling in pretty well considering how far she’s come!

She’s had quite the journey and even the whole adoption process was an emotional stressful rollercoaster. I’ll let my humom tell you about it sometime.

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos of her arriving in Vancouver!


We figured she would be hungry after two long flights so I shared my raw food with her. My humom said she devoured it!



My uncle Erik came over to help out, he took me out while my humom was bringing my new sister so that we would meet outside of the home. We walked around the block together before we went back inside.

Uncle Erik was really nice to her and tried to make her feel welcome.



She sniffed around everywhere and was really interested in my chew toys. My humom was so proud of me because I shared really well.



I even shared my favorite spot on the couch! She seems to like it a lot!




She snapped at me a couple of times when I got too close to my humom but she said to give her a bit of time to adjust. I slept on one side and her on the other.


We’re all pretty beat, too much excitement for one night!6DBCE7D3-3126-41E3-AB36-DED72AE05A98

Good night everyone!






Hmm..Something’s going on….

Furiends! Something is going on but I can’t figure out what…

My humom has been doing a lot of cleaning around the house and putting away a bunch of stuff into the storage room.

She brought out a big rubber mat and put it in the front entrance.

There’s even a new fancy dog bed in the living room! but she said it’s not for me! Who is it for then??? What’s going on??


Mia: Wait what? What do you mean this bed isn’t for me?

Mia: Well if I sit in it and claim it as mine then it is mine. (My humom says ignore the sock in the background. She hates how I always take the socks out of the hamper and plays with them.)


She also got a really pretty dog collar in the mail. I was ready for her to put it on me but she said it wasn’t for me! WTD??? Who else would she buy pretty dog collars for??



Mia: What? This collar isn’t for me?? Don’t tell me YOU want to start wearing collars mom?? These are for dogs, not humans!


She also came home with loads of new treats and more canned salmon for more salmon cookies! I thought all those salmon cookies were for me!


Furiends, I’m getting really confused and worried!!! Am I being replaced??

I hope I can get some answers soon! I’ll keep you guys updated!!!


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Wordy Wednesday – New backpack!

We’re joining our pawddies over at Blog Paws for Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! Click on the image to join the hop!


Hi Furiends!! Guess what my humom got me!…a doggy backpack! She says with these short winter days coming, it’s too dark to go into the woods after my humom gets home from work. If we were to walk around the neighborhood it wouldn’t tire me out enough. That’s when she thought maybe a backpack would help!

She found this RuffWear Singletrak Pak at the pet food store and thought it was a good fit for me.

It even comes with two water packs (one on each side).

My humom was so proud of me because I wasn’t bothered by the swooshing of the water while I was walking.

We took a walk on a new path that the City of Vancouver had recently built called the Arbutus Greenway. It used to be old railroad tracks but they turned it into a paved walkway for locals to enjoy whether it was a nice stroll through the city, or a bike ride or jogging!

This is what part of it used to look like!

And now it looks like this:

There’s still some more construction that needs to be completed like at intersections of crossroads so that pedestrians can cross safely but lots of people are already using it.



Mia: Okay Mom, I’m ready to go!


Along the path there are many community gardens so it was nice being able to sniff all the greenery. I didn’t like the weird people standing there staring at me though. I think they were called something like scare-dey crows?? They didn’t look like scared crows to me. I growled at them to let them know they didn’t scare me!



My humom wanted to stop and take a picture of this flower. She thought it was a really pretty pink color and it stood out from the rest. As you can see I was not that impressed.


Mia: Can I eat it now?

We walked for quite some time, my humom was hoping I would get tired by the time we got back to the car. Fat chance of that!

Mia: Are we done already?? What’s next mom?

 Happy Wednesday Furiends!

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Hmm fresh cookies!

Hi Furiends! I don’t know what’s gotten in my mom lately, she’s been such a busy body and I guess last night she decided to make me some home made salmon cookies!

HmMmm…They smell so good! The whole apartment smells like salmon!


Mia: Are they ready for a taste test yet mom??



Waiting patiently for my treat!


And of course my humom always makes me work for it! *rolleyes*



YUM!!! That was delicious!!!



Mia: I know there’s more where that came from Mom…c’mon..hand them over!





Yes!! It worked! SO SCRUMPTIOUS!


Hey Mom, how about you give me a couple to munch on while you wash those dishes?


You ignoring me and going to the couch to watch TV just means I’m going to follow you and beg for more…


Begging pose number 1…



Begging pose number 2…




I shared some with my bestie Wilhelmina and her furbrother Duffy and they loved them too! I think Wilhelmina loves them even more than I do because a couple of times she almost bit off my humom’s fingers!


I didn’t get to eat anymore that night…apparently my humom is saving them for a newcomer….a newcomer?? Who is she referring to?? Hmmm….

Stay tuned my friends!


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Cookie Party with Eileen!

Yesterday my humom had some friend’s over a cookie party. My humom used to have a small side business where she made custom human cookies for parties and such. She had to stop because of the stress and long hours but decided she could teach cookie decorating classes instead!

These are some of last year’s Christmas cookie designs.

She always holds a couple of classes in December since her Christmas cookies are the most popular. Usually Howl-o-Ween  classes aren’t as popular so she never hosted one. This year however, she was trying to fundraise to Bring Linda Home so she asked her friends if they would like to sign up, and for a good cause!

My humom spent the last couple of nights baking up a storm! I wasn’t lucky enough for her to drop any on the floor 😦



These were some of her designs this year.



Her good friend Auntie Sandra (Bruno’s humom) helped round up some friends and they all came over yesterday!

I was so excited to see all these new humans, they were all so nice and gave me lots of pets. They gave my furbrother Keiko lots of pets too. My humom was too busy making stuff for the class she didn’t take enough pictures! Hmph!



This little human is Eileen! You might have seen her in some of my past posts when I’m in the forest with Bruno! Isn’t she adorable??

She’s lucky she’s that adorable because if it were any other little human I’m not sure I would be willing to share my favorite spot on the couch or even my bed!


Mia: Mom….She’s in my favorite spot! Do I have to share? 


Mia: Yeah…I guess you’re pretty darned cute. I guess you can have my spot for now! 

I even shared my bed my humom’s bed when she got her die-pee changed AND when she took her nap! I really wanted to take a nap on the bed too but I knew it was more important for Eileen to get her sleep. My humom was very proud of me and said I was a very good girl.


Mia: I guess I’ll just lie here for now

Everyone was pretty focused on their cookie decorating. They were decorating for 6 straight hours! WOW!

These are some of their masterpieces!



With all the excitement of all these new visitors, I was ready to pass out when the last guest left!  I could barely stay away to write this post!

Mia: Mom, I’ll dictate you type!


Good night Furiends! Hope you had a great weekend! What did you guys get up to?


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Friday Fun with Friends!

Nothing beats a sunny day in the forest with my bestie Wilhelmina!…well except when we find a hidden beach and see my pal Bruno there!


Wilhelmina and Duffy had never met Bruno before but you can tell he was really happy to make new friends! We all got along great!

We had a lot of fun exploring and sniffing around.




Wilhelmina is always the first to run into the water!

Of course when there’s beach and water, there’s driftwood and that means I will demand a game of fetch!

And what’s a day outdoors without our usual antics and running around?




Could we pass off as mountain goats? BOL!



We ended the day with obligatory posed group shots to please the humans *rolleyes*

I don’t look too happy in this photo because I didn’t like how I got pushed to the back behind the big dogs. How dare you put me in the back???


I decided to ruin the rest of the group photos with my frown. Heehee

Have a great weekend furiends!



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My Apologies…

*UPDATE!* My humom figured it out! She realized what was missing to get her comments to go through on our pals that use Blogger.com! We are so happy now! YAY!


It has recently come to my attention that many of my comments this past year have not been showing up or coming through to my blogger pals that are on Blogger.com.


This is my “I’m Sorry” face 😦

My bestie Wilhelmina said that since I have joined the blogging community, she has never seen any of my comments on her blog at Critters in the Cottage! I was shocked when she told me!…

..and also very sad!! I really enjoy reading about all my pals and I like leaving comments but I never realized that you never received them!

Sad face 😦

Can anyone suggest how I can fix this? Does anyone know why my comments wouldn’t come through? It seems as though bloggers from WordPress can see my comments (I use WordPress as well) but not anyone else?

Thanks for your help!


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