Sleepy Saturday with Uncle Erik

I don’t think I’ve ever introduced you to my Uncle Erik. Well technically he’s not really my “uncle” (he’s not related to my humom) but I always call my humom’s friends Aunties and Uncles.

One thing I love about Uncle Erik is that he makes a great bed!!! (He is a little camera shy so IĀ  made sure his face wasn’t in any of the photos). He’s super tall too so I can stretch out and never run out of human bed space!

Oh man, he’s just so comfy…and he pets me while I sleep…


I..cant..even finish writing..this……ZZzzZZz…..



Mia wallpaper





17 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturday with Uncle Erik

  1. rubytheairedale says:

    Gurl, you sure do have a FABulous humon bed! And I bets he doesn’t complain that you are ‘making my leg fall asleep’ like my Ma eithers!!! (she is so rude.) I likes your Uncle Erik is pawsome!!! how do I gets one???? ā˜ŗ
    Ruby ā™„

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