Tongue Out Tuesday with Mr. Eagle!

It’s another Tongue Out Tuesday with my bestie Wilhelmina! We also have a surprise guest this week!…Mr. Eagle!

Mia: Hey Wilhelmina, is that an eagle over there?

Wilhelmina: Yeah I think so! He looks delicious. I’m hungry from our long run on the jetty. Ask if he wants to play…get him closer to us so we can pounce!


Mia: Hey Mister Eagle! Hello?? Hey you! Wanna come play??


Mister Eagle ignored us….He was more interested in the scenery. My humom says it was for the better because she thinks he would have kicked our butts. I guess she’s right. Better to just admire from a distance. Doesn’t he look so majestic?


Happy Tongue Out Tuesday Friends!



Mia wallpaper



12 thoughts on “Tongue Out Tuesday with Mr. Eagle!

  1. Miss Harper Lee says:

    Your mom is a wise woman. Mia. My human mommy stood next to an eagle in a rehab facility once. He was huge (his head just about reached her waist) and definitely could have kicked her butt if they hadn’t been separated by bars. Admire Mr. Eagle from afar, Mia, and you and Wilhelmina will live to enjoy another Tongue Out Tuesday!

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  2. rubytheairedale says:

    HEY GURLS!!!!! OMD, Ma says you gurls are just likes me…always lookin’ for troubles! I don’t knows what she’s talkin’ abouts, I don’t thinks chasin’ Mr. Eagle is gettin’ into troubles, I thinks it sounds like funs!!! BOL!!! Okays, so Ma said that those purty burdies are protected here, so I would gets in HUUUUGE troubles chasin’ him, so it’s just as well. Anyhu, you gurls look FABulous in your TOT pics!
    Ruby ♥

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    • pibblelife says:

      Hey Ruby!!!! OH man, wish you were there with us that day, we would have had so much fun!!!! Oh, that’s a good point…about them birds being protected! Would they put us in doggy jail??? Nah…We’re too cute to be put in doggy jail! I’m sure we could have puppy dog eye-dodged it! BOL!


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