Sleepy Saturday with Uncle Erik

I don’t think I’ve ever introduced you to my Uncle Erik. Well technically he’s not really my “uncle” (he’s not related to my humom) but I always call my humom’s friends Aunties and Uncles.

One thing I love about Uncle Erik is that he makes a great bed!!! (He is a little camera shy so I  made sure his face wasn’t in any of the photos). He’s super tall too so I can stretch out and never run out of human bed space!

Oh man, he’s just so comfy…and he pets me while I sleep…


I..cant..even finish writing..this……ZZzzZZz…..



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Wordy Wednesday with Bruno!

We’re joining our pawddies over at Blog Paws for Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! Click on the image to join the hop!


I met up with Bruno again for another fun trail run! It took less time to warm up to him this time and in the end I even tried to get him to play with me!

You can check out the video below!

I think maybe I was a little too fast…and I have really good ninja hiding skills so he couldn’t see me behind the bushes.

I can’t wait to run with him again!

Happy Wednesday Furiends!

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Tongue Out Tuesday with Mr. Eagle!

It’s another Tongue Out Tuesday with my bestie Wilhelmina! We also have a surprise guest this week!…Mr. Eagle!

Mia: Hey Wilhelmina, is that an eagle over there?

Wilhelmina: Yeah I think so! He looks delicious. I’m hungry from our long run on the jetty. Ask if he wants to play…get him closer to us so we can pounce!


Mia: Hey Mister Eagle! Hello?? Hey you! Wanna come play??


Mister Eagle ignored us….He was more interested in the scenery. My humom says it was for the better because she thinks he would have kicked our butts. I guess she’s right. Better to just admire from a distance. Doesn’t he look so majestic?


Happy Tongue Out Tuesday Friends!



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Linda is coming home!

Great news everyone! I am coming home!!! We were able to reach our goal and my flight has been booked! We can’t thank you enough for all your support, donations and spreading the word.


Stay tuned for an update in the next coming weeks! Love you all so much!

Licks and tail wags,


This is what happens when…

…I only get 1 hour of exercise..

Apparently I get annoying *hmph*

My usual exercise regime is about 1.5-2 hours of exercise everyday. That includes runs in the forest, play time with Wilhelmina and mental games with my humom at home.

Today for some reason my humom decided I was only going to get one hour in the forest and then some games at home.  I guess she had some work to do so she thought she could get away with just one hour of exercise. Guess what?? BAD MOVE MOM!!! I NEED MORE ATTENTION!


Mia: Hello?? What is more interesting on that ‘puter screen than playing with me????


Mia: Look how sad I look Mom…I want to play!


Mia: Can you fill my toy with some treats?

Mia: Yum…that was delicious! Thanks mom!


Mia: Okay how about let’s play some tug?

Just when I thought I cracked her and got her to put away her work, she went back to her ‘puter screen!

Maybe if I rest my head on her arm and look pathetic she’ll stop what she’s doing and pay attention to me.

Mia: Work? What is work? That doesn’t sound as fun as playing with me…


Hmmm…I think I have to try harder to intervene. This should do it!

Nope..she’s still working away…

…sigh fine..I give up. I guess I’ll let you get some work done…I’ll just sleep next to you and be a good little girl.


My humom felt really bad so she gave me lots of pets while she was working. 🙂 YAY!

She said she learned her lesson and promises she will never shortchange me on my exercise again. BOL!

Have a great week everyone!


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Help bring Linda home!

Furiends! I need your help! My humom is a little embarrassed to ask for help so I’m going to step up!

We didn’t want to announce the news just yet but…we are looking to add a new furry member to our family! I am going to have a new baby sister! Wait…hmmm…I don’t know if I’ve thought this through…does this mean I have to share my humom’s attention with another fur sibling??

Anyhoo, my bestie’s humom was telling her about the plight of the Galgos and Podencos in Spain. We did a little bit of research and it is horrible what these poor dogs are going through! Did you know that Galgos (also known as Spanish Greyhounds) are an ancient hunting breed that were once bred by Spanish nobles? Unfortunately today, they are  bred by Spanish hunters (Galgueros) for a very short hunting period each year and then killed, tortured and discarded and left to die.

Each year, tens and thousands of galgos and podencos are killed each year. They cost so little that it is cheaper for the Galgueros to buy new dogs for the next hunting season. During the hunting season they are kept in terrible living conditions, and fed only bread and water. The Galgueros believe that the dogs will hunt better if they are starved.

Once the hunting season is over the galgos and podencos are either abandoned, tortured and left to die or shot. If the galgo hunted well, they are “rewarded” with a quick death or dropped off at a shelter (where in the end they are euthanized). If the hunters were “shamed”, the poor animals are tortured and left to die.

There is a lot of information on the internet that you can find. The photos are too horrific so I do not want to post them here. Even the details are too horrible to describe. Just as a warning, there are some pretty graphic images out there!

On a slightly happier note…my humom went to visit the website That is where she found Linda’s profile!

Isn’t she adorable?? She’s a galgo/podenco mix!

Scooby Medina is the largest rescue of Galgos and Podencos that carries more than 1000 animals, with the majority of them being dogs. They also rescue other animals like cats, pigs, horses, donkeys and many other farm animals!

Back to Linda…As soon as my humom saw her photo she knew right away she belonged to us. It was love at first sight! She inquired about her and found out that despite her being found roaming the streets with another small black galgo, she was very friendly and playful! What a perfect fit for ME!

This is a more recent photo of Linda. She has been in the shelter since June.

I can’t wait to show her all the fun things we can do together in Vancouver! She will love the forests and running around at low tide! Best of all, she gets to meet my best friend Wilhelmina! I just know we will have a blast together!

BUT!…My humom says we’ve reached a small roadblock. I have no idea what a roadblock means but I guess some kind of problem? Scooby Medina is only able to fly Linda to Montreal. That’s way on the other side of Canada! My humom says that in order for Linda to come home to us, we have to find a way to send my humom to Montreal to pick her up or to have someone in Montreal bring Linda here!

This is where we need your help!  We already have enough to fly her from Spain to Montreal, but we just need a little bit more money to fly Linda the rest of the way. Every little bit helps, even if it’s just $5!

Keiko and I would be so grateful (and Linda and my Humom!) if anyone could help us. We really believe that Linda belongs here and she deserves a loving home in Vancouver…with us!

We have set up a GoFundMe page here.

GoFundMe doesn’t offer a paypal option. If do not want to use your credit card, you can use your paypal account and send your donation to

We have until the end of October to raise enough money because airlines have restrictions on when pets can fly (due to cold temperatures).

 Please feel free to share with friends and family! The sooner we reach our goal the sooner Linda can come home! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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Tongue out Tuesday!

You know you’re having fun when the tongues are hangin’ out! 😉


Hey! Mom!…You cut off part of my face!!!


Wilhelmina: Pass me the camera, I’ll take a selfie!

Mia: Nice selfie skills Wilhelmina! My humom should get some tips from you!


Happy Tongue Out Tuesday Furiends!


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The Art of Begging

My humom always likes to munch on delicious treats that she never shares with me! What happened to the phrase “Sharing is Caring”???

This is when I have to turn up my begging skills…(Cue the big puppy dog eyes…)

Mia: Mom…why you no sharesies your popcorn with me?? 😦


Crap…it’s not working…wait! I have to rest my head on the couch. That always gives it that “AWWW!!!” factor!

Mia: Pretty please mom??….It smells so good….


Why is it still not working??? What is going on here? Her eyes are glued to that stupid bright colored tee vee thing!


Ok…next plan…I need to get closer to her to get her attention! Yeah that’s it!

Mia: Ummm..Hi mom?…You wanna share some of that popcorn with me now? Pretty pretty please??

What the dog!….It’s still not working!

Alright…time for plan C. Wait for my opportunity to catch some fallen pieces of popcorn when my humom grabs some from the bag….

…wait for it….wait for it….


In the end, my humom gave me a few more pieces of popcorn. I mean…c’mon…how can she resist my big puppy dog eyes and this adorabull face???? Heehee…

Have a great weekend friends!


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