Throwback Thursday – My first winter!

With the hot weather here in Vancouver, I thought I would throw it back to my first winter last year! You know…just to cool things down a bit! 😉 We had an unusually long winter, and it typically doesn’t snow as much as it did! We still had snow in April! It was crazy!

My humom remembers the first time I actually saw snow outside and took a video. If you listen closely, I actually growled at it! BOL! I apologize for the shaky camera, my humom needs to work on her video filming skills!

Once I found out how tasty snow was, I realized it wasn’t that bad! It was actually quite a lot of fun!!!


Of course, any snowy adventure wouldn’t be an adventure without my bestie Wilhelmina!


Oops! I can’t forget Duffy!

Naturally, our humoms always find opportunities to dress us up.  We’re always the best dressed of the forest!




Mia: Ummm…Wilhelmina? Weren’t you wearing a jacket when we first started our trail walk? Where did it go??

Wilhelmina: Meh…I feel more free this way! You should try Mia! 

Mia: Hmmm…I’m not as free spirited as you Wilhelmina! How about this?…



Wilhelmina didn’t look impressed…

Mia: How about climbing this big rock?? Is this impressive?


Do you guys miss the snow?

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for visiting!


Mia wallpaper

17 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – My first winter!

  1. Amy says:

    Mia, you look so girly in your bright pink jacket and your pretty beads. I am still wondering how you got on top of that huge rock with all the snow on it. Your Mom is a good picture-taker, especially the one right after the video where you are leaping up to catch the snow clump. I don’t suppose Lucy will see snow anytime soon in Tennessee, but you never know what the weather will do where we live.

    Liked by 1 person

    • pibblelife says:

      Thank you! My humom purposely dresses me as girly as possible because people always assume that I’m a boy and she hates that! BOL! I’m not as good as a climber now after my nail incident. I think I got a bit scared off afterwards.
      She’s got two tricks to take action shots. Either she takes a video in slow motion and then pauses the video to take a screenshot of it or the clicks a billion times while I’m moving and hopes that one of the photos turns out! I hope she doesn’t get mad that I’m revealing her photo secrets!! haha
      It’s true you never know! We never expected to get so many months of snow! It usually only snows 1 or 2 days the entire winter!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Amy says:

        People always thought Lexi was a boy too. I think because of her schnauzer beard. But she wouldn’t abide anything girlie, he, he.
        Thanks for the photo tricks. I don’t think I can shoot slo-mo with my phone. I bet your Mom uses a real camera for those great pics.

        Liked by 1 person

      • pibblelife says:

        Yeah I definitely don’t act girly…I’m never afraid to get down and dirty!!! The dirtier the better!

        It’s all iPhone pics! She doesn’t trust getting a professional camera with me around…

        Liked by 1 person

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