Sunday Funday – Walk for Lupus

Today my humom took me to a park that I have never been before! There was a special event today called

They hold it every year and this year my humom thought it would be a good idea to bring me so I could socialize with new people and new dogs.

We went early to help set up. Since I came along we couldn’t help with the food (darn!) but we got to mark the trail for the walk!



By the time we finished marking the trail, lots of people started coming in and signing in for the walk.




One family had an ADORABLE puppy Entlebucher named Bailey! My humom couldn’t stop going over to pet him. She is planning our next furry family member to be an Entlebucher so she was so happy she ran into one today! They are not a very common breed! We rarely see them around in Vancouver.



Mia: Mom, what are we waiting for…can we start the walk yet? 

Once everyone was registered we were ready to go!



These are my humom’s parents. They come out to support the BC Lupus Society every year!

Once the walk was done, everyone got a free lunch! My humom didn’t share her hotdog or chips but she gave me all the watermelon in her fruit salad! YUM!!! I love watermelon!


So many people wanted to say hi to me and pet me. My humom was so happy to see that people weren’t scared of me and she said I was such a good girl. I was very friendly and wanted to kiss everyone on their faces!  A couple of people even asked to take a picture of me because I looked so cute in my Lupus bandana!


I even helped sell some raffle tickets!

Cooper the Goldendoodle came to visit us. He was wearing a lupus bandana too!


There were lots of other dogs there but my humom was so busy helping out she only got to take pictures of a few of them.



All this socializing got me super tired. I tried really hard to stay awake but I ended up having a nice snooze in the shade by my humom’s feet.




On the way home I was trying to convince my humom I wasn’t tired so that we could go to the park but I don’t think I was very convincing….

Mia: Mom, really! I’m…not…tired….See?? I’m sitting up! I’m ready to go to the park! 


She wasn’t convinced. But I guess she was right because I passed out as soon as we got home!


Hope you guys had a great weekend! Thanks for visiting!


Mia wallpaper







12 thoughts on “Sunday Funday – Walk for Lupus

  1. Amy says:

    Love all the pictures of you, Mia. You made me smile so big when I saw you sitting in the chair at the raffle table. I would have had to buy a ticket from you. Good job at the event, pretty girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rubytheairedale says:

    OMD, that must’ve been PAWSOME!!!!! How funs! AND foodables??! OH YES! Oh, I do loves the wallymelon too! It is the bestest! I loves how you helped out ~ I bets you sold the most tickets too…I mean, who could resist THAT face??!
    High Paw to you and your pawrents and your Gpeeps!
    Ruby ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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