Throwback Thursday – Meet Duke!

Happy Thursday Friends! I haven’t done a throwback in a while so I’m going to throw it back to early last spring when I was a few months old!


Do I look like a little bunny here? That’s what Wilhelmina’s humom likes to call me sometimes because I have such big ears! I was such a small puppy back then!

Way back before I met Wilhelmina, I used to play with a puppy named Duke! He’s a month younger than me. Isn’t he so handsome? His humans think he’s a mix between a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Mastiff.

He is much bigger than me but he was always very gentle when we played together.


I haven’t seen him for more than 6 months now. There was an incident where he chased after a car and he dragged down his human. She broke her leg and arm and took a while to recover. Since then, Duke hasn’t been able to be out off leash in public, he gets very nervous around dogs and strangers. It was a very traumatic incident for him.

(This photo was taken just a couple of weeks before the incident)

We visited him once at his house and we had a good time running around in his backyard. I hope he is doing okay, we miss him a lot!


Mia wallpaper

13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Meet Duke!

      • Tails Around the Ranch says:

        A few years ago. I stepped off the curb and my heel went straight into a divot in the payment and snapped my leg right at the ankle. Broke both leg bones and was in a cast and/or on crutches for over 12 weeks. Eventually had to have surgery to pin the bones together. The worst part was I was about 6 blocks from home when it happened early in the morning and had to hobble home with 3 dogs in tow. Oh, the good ole days! LOL


  1. Amy says:

    What an adorable girl you were/are, Mia. I am sorry Duke got so traumatized (and even more that he was the cause of his human getting hurt so badly). He looks like a really nice dog and a good friend.


    • pibblelife says:

      Yah it was a very stressful day. 😦 Duke was tied to a pole while they waited for the ambulance. He was barking the whole time because he wanted to be close to his humom. Me and my humom were in the trails waiting for them to meet us when the police officer calls us to come out to help calm Duke down.


  2. Yamini A MacLean says:

    Hari Om
    Oh you were definitely cutesome as a puppy Mia…and it continues!

    So sorry to hear of the trauma for Duke and his peep… I can definitely see a bit of RR in there; my darling angel Jade was half RR (her mum), quarter English Staffy and quarter GSD. She was gorgeous and smart and I still miss her after nearly nine years… sigh… hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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