New toy and more beach fun!

Over the weekend I went to the beach with my BFF and Duffy and Wilhelmina’s humom brought a new toy for us to play with!

Wilhelmina wasn’t too interested, she wanted to play with the other dogs at the beach.




I, on the other hand, LOVED the new toy! I still prefer fetching sticks or tennis balls but this toy was pretty cool.


W’s humom got some pretty good action shots of me!






I tend to be a little too obsessed with fetching things…and that maayyyyy be a bit of an understatement. My BFF Wilhelmina is more sociable than me, she likes to make new friends at the beach!


Our humoms tried to get us to take a nice picture before we headed home but it proved to be a little difficult..I mean c’mon…we don’t want to go home! The more uncooperative we are the longer we can stay out!



Okay okay fine…we’ll sit nice for a couple of photos..but that’s it! Then we go back and play!



Well that’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by!

Mia wallpaper

Friday Favorites!

Hooray it’s Friday! Today is another post about my favorite things. I want to introduce someone very special to me. He’s my teddy bear Bear-Bear!

As you can see he probably needs a bath but I’m too scared he might get damaged in that big noisy swishing box that my humom washes her clothes in.

Bear-Bear is the only toy that I still have from when I was 8 weeks old that I didn’t destroy. It’s pretty obvious he’s very special to me.

I like chewing on his ears! Bear-Bear doesn’t mind because I’m very gentle with him.

I also like snuggling and sleeping with him. He’s an excellent cuddle buddy!


Funnily enough, Bear-Bear wasn’t even a dog toy! My humom got him in the Valentine’s section at Walmart!

Do you have a favorite toy or item that you treasure and would never destroy? Share it in the comments!

Yawn!….I think Bear-Bear wants to take a nap now so time for me to go!

Thanks stopping by! Have a great weekend my friends!






When the human’s away the dogs will play!

Our humom has been away for the last few days. She went on a “croooze” or something like that. A big boat that takes her to different cities on the other side of the world! Can you believe she didn’t take us??? Well that’s okay because while she’s on vacation so are we!

Keiko made a new friend, her name is Kylie and she’s been taking Keiko on lots of fun walks!



I got to stay with my friends Rocco and Rosie!

We’re having lots of fun but who am I kidding….I miss my humom! When are you coming back?? Soon I hope! I hope she’s missing us just as much as we miss her!

Give your humans an extra hug and lick for me! I won’t see my humom for another 7 days 😦


Tuesday Tricks

Instead of a Tongue Out Tuesday post, I thought I share some tricks I’ve learned over the past year! So far this one is my humom’s favorite. The bloopers are even more fun to watch but I’ll save that for another post 😉

Hope this puts a smile on your face and adds a few chuckles to your day!

Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again soon!

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Sunday Selfie

Hi there! Keiko here! I’m taking over Sunday Selfie this week! Hope you like the selfie video! (If you are watching from a computer you can change the quality of the video by clicking the settings icon on the bottom right).

 …And then I get photobombed by Mia’s backside….guess she couldn’t share the limelight for too long!! That’s okay, I still love her just the same 🙂


Thanks for dropping by! See you soon!


Tongue Out Tuesday!

We had some good fun over the weekend and Keiko got to join us!

Happy Tongue Out Tuesday friends!


Our Dog Squad! We’re a good lookin’ bunch if I do say so myself 😉



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